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Saturday, July 13, 2024 - 11:42 AM


First Published in 1994


The left seems to be on a mission to erase women from every facet of society. They have perpetuated the lie that there are more than two sexes that have seeped into our governing bodies. The most recent Title IX proposal from the Department of Education pushes this agenda and must be stopped. 

The 51-year program originally was designed to give girls and women opportunities in education and athletics. Because of differences in physical makeup and privacy needs, institutions had to provide separate male and female spaces as well as sports teams. Now, the Biden administration has flipped Title IX on its head by allowing biological males to take over the fields and locker rooms that were reserved for women. 

We have already seen how unfair and dangerous it is to allow men to compete against women in athletics. Multiple situations have arisen from boys being allowed in girls’ restrooms and locker rooms. Girls have lost college-level scholarships to biological males because the competition is not fair. School administrators and coaches, whether they agree or not, are being forced to comply or lose their jobs. 

Boys have dominated competitions by joining the women’s teams and even injured girls by playing. Last year, Will Thomas, who identifies as a transgender woman named Lia, placed 65th in the 500-yard freestyle swimming competition. Later that year, Thomas joined the women’s team and placed first. Earlier this year, a female high school volleyball player suffered a concussion and significant long-term effects from a biological male spiking the ball in her face. This backward agenda ignores our daughters’ health and future. 

Team members and parents have spoken out against these actions. Yet, they’ve been met with hostility and even violence. When parents across the nation brought up privacy concerns to their local school boards, the Biden administration called them “terrorists.” Riley Gaines, a swimmer who competed against Lia Thomas, was assaulted and barricaded in a room at San Francisco State University for speaking out against this injustice. Proponents of this ideology have every intent to silence dissidence. 

You can make your voice heard on the new Title IX regulation from the Department of Education by submitting a comment.  Eagle Forum signed onto the Title IX Coalition letter asking the Department to extend the comment period but was denied this reasonable request.  Therefore, you must submit your comments before May 15th to let them know that you oppose this regulation.  Please use the following talking points to formulate your own comment. The Department will ignore duplicate comments. 

You may read the proposed regulation here.

You can read submitted comments here.

You can submit comments here.

Talking Points to Use in Your Comment:

Title IX gives women athletes the right to equal opportunity in sports in educational institutions that receive federal funds, from elementary schools to colleges and universities. 

For 50 years, young men and women have been able to access educational programs regardless of sex due to Title IX regulations. However, the new proposed rule will upend these protections, especially for young girls. 

Although under this proposed regulation there are possible grounds for allowing such teams, the exceptions are overly burdensome and put the onus on schools and coaches to justify prohibiting transgender students from playing on teams that do not match their biological sex. This regulation ignores biological facts, puts female athletes at risk of injury, will lead to loss of opportunities for female athletes, and will repeal the guarantees of Title IX.

The Department of Education, in its explanation of the proposed rulemaking, admits that fairness in competition and physical safety may be reasons for all-female programs to be allowed to operate under an exemption to the regulation. The Department states that programs with the objective of communicating or codifying disapproval of a student or a student’s gender identity are not allowed. Those who are opposed to the regulation are not speaking up out of animus but because we believe that biological reality, safety, and fairness are the reasons to make distinctions based on gender identity. 

The Department’s proposed regulation requires every coach and school administrator to justify why each sport at each competition level should be allowed to exclude trans-athletes if they desire to have all-female teams. This opens up each school to possible litigation if they decide to provide girls with the original protections of Title IX.

Allowing biological males to compete against females is unfair and dangerous. Multiple situations have already risen from boys being allowed in girls’ restrooms and locker rooms. Girls have lost college-level scholarships to boys because they simply cannot keep up. School administrators and coaches whether they agree or not are being forced to comply or put their job on the line.

There are numerous cases in which male athletes have ranked low in male divisions but have placed first after joining the women’s team. Meanwhile, girls are suffering from long-term concussions and other injuries due to the immense strength of biological males in competition. Title IX was meant to give girls fair and safe opportunities to compete, yet the new rule completely upends this intention.

The attack against free speech is perpetuated by this new rule. Parents across the nation have spoken out on this issue. They are deeply concerned about the safety of their daughters in private spaces out of the sight of school administrators. Yet, when they have taken this problem to their local school boards, the Biden administration called them “terrorists.” The language of this policy contains no safeguards or parental notification for changes in accommodations, breaches of privacy, or notice that their daughters will be competing against males. This opens the door to abuse and is unacceptable. 

This decision would usurp our Constitutional rights to speech, religion, and state sovereignty. Currently, twenty states have passed laws that prohibit biological males from competing in female sports. However, the new Title IX rule would overturn these policies. Plus, any school whether public, private, or religious that receives federal funding will be forced to comply with the new rule. This regulation is an aggressive, overreaching attempt to force an agenda that the majority of Americans do not agree with. 

This regulation will effectively erase women and girls all in the name of transgender ideology. I oppose this regulation and ask that you not move forward with finalization. 


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