Americans no longer told to ‘Trust the Science’

Eagle Forum statement on Department of Education Proposed Rulemaking regarding Title IX Athletic Participation

Kristen A. Ullman, President of Eagle Forum, issued the following statement in response to the US Department of Education Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding Sex-Related Eligibility Criteria for Male and Female Athletic Teams:

Over the last three years, Americans have been told to ‘trust the science’ — especially when what they were observing didn’t match with reality. Now the Biden Administration is telling schools to ‘ignore the science’ that males and females are fundamentally and biologically different. The proposed rule prevents schools from acknowledging this scientific fact, and instead redefines the objective classification of sex to include the subjective concept of gender identity.

The Education Department claims its proposed rule “provides needed clarity” to schools. But what it instead does is demand that biological science be ignored and burdensome procedures be instituted. Each publicly-funded school athletic program would have to “develop team eligibility criteria” for each “sport, level of competition, and grade or education level to which they apply,” instead of just having male and female teams based on biological fact.

Almost laughably, the “Department anticipates that some uses of sex-related eligibility criteria would satisfy the standard in the proposed regulation in some sports, grade and education levels, and levels of competition.” Thank you, federal bureaucrats, for admitting that there are real reasons to keep males off female sports teams, including “prevention of sports-related injury” and “fairness in competition,” in your own words.

American women are tired of having their rights erased through the redefinition of sex. This latest proposed rule-making is just one more way in which the rights of women are under attack, and biological science is being ignored. Eagle Forum is committed to respecting the objective truth that men and women are different and both deserving of respect.

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