Of all the stupid things to write, Slate naturally goes for it.

Sully the Bush's Dog

We've had New York Magazine and New Republic, both bastions of mainstream leftist thought, assail President George H. W. Bush's record, character, and courage. But leave it to Slate, already known for its idiotic "Slate takes," to take it to a new level. Their writer, Ruth Graham, decided to attack President Bush's service dog, Sully, and those who are fawning over the dog.

In a now famous photo, seen above, taken by President Bush's spokesman Jim McGrath, Sully is lying in front of President Bush's casket.

Graham decided the response to the photo was too much and took to Slate.

Is Sully “heroic” for learning to obey the human beings who taught him to perform certain tasks? Does the photo say anything special about this dog’s particular loyalty or judgment, or is he just … there? Also, if dogs are subject to praise for obeying their masters, what do we do about the pets who eat their owners’ dead (or even just passed-out) bodies? The photograph, in other words, is not proof that Sully is a particularly “good boy” or that “we don’t deserve dogs,” as countless swooning tweets put it on Monday. On its own, it says almost nothing other than the fact that Sully was, at one point in the same room as the casket of his former boss.

This is not only a stupid take, but an also completely unnecessary one that probably would not exist but for the need for click bait.

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