A few days ago, the American Legion here distributed American flags to every student in public elementary schools in the county.

It went very well in every school but one. That school was one of several with a high percentage of minority students. But in that one  school only, the black students, about half the total, refused to take the flags.

Who stirred up and manipulated these children to support a political statement so inappropriate and ungrateful and which deprecated their country, its veterans, and its people?

Surely not the  children! 

Such  actions only stir resentment, hostility,  and socially destructive discord.  They correct nothing and heal nothing. Rather they create enmity and division and close off common respect courtesy, and meaningful communication.

It was only one school, but it uncovers in our midst the malignant  cancer of misguided identity politics fueled by the manipulative agendas of power-seeking demagogues.

These  cultural Marxist apostles of hatred, lies, and and disorder have discarded the moral compass and teachings of divinely inspired Faith to proclaim their new order.  But their new order is not new and invariably brings desolation.

We should all remember that peace and justice never flow from disrespecting your heritage or other people’s heritage. Peace and justice never flow from lies, disorder, and hatred. Peace and justice do not visit arrogant and unforgiving  forms of righteousness.  Political manipulators do not bring hope but only corruption, suffering, despair, and shame.

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