The mad rush to somehow, anyway, get a health care bill passed should be a clarion signal to everyone that the purpose is not the improvement of health care for the American people but to put in place a framework from which this "Progressive Administration" can complete the destruction of our constitutional republic.  As I am writing this we are perhaps just days away from a House vote that will grant a victory to the "Progressive Administration."

How there are any even half-informed citizens who can still believe President Obama is trying to solve our national problems is beyond me.  His every effort has shown that he hates the America that actually made it possible for him to be in the position he is in, a position he hopes to use to further his progress to even greater power.  He knows that to do this he must reach the goals set by those shadowy forces that helped propel him to the forefront.  Those same shadowy forces that are pushing some Democratic Congressmen to points beyond where they want to go.  Will conscience and integrity continue to rear its "ugly" head and foil once and for all this progressive movement that has been inching its way forward for the last hundred years?  Or will some future historian write a volume about our times and call it "The Decline and Fall of the American Republic?"

I still hear a comment now and then to the effect that Obama is trying and we should give him a chance.  I agree that he is trying, but to me the "Change" he is trying to accomplish is one I don't think many Americans will approve. If I had the power to stop it, I would.  I am glad to see the "Tea Parties."  I hope they will continue, and increase.  Not that Obama will pay any attention to them but that some in Congress will, and that in November we can let a lot of the "progressives" join the ranks of the unemployed.

As I am sure most of you who read this newspaper know, post 1776 America is facing the greatest challenge in its history.  Some will disagree with me, saying that our Civil War was our greatest challenge.  But that war was not the threat to individual freedoms that we are now facing.  While the South did suffer through a police-state reign for a time, that was temporary and the nation as a whole continued to prosper until it became the greatest ever known.  If the current "progressive" movement succeeds and the Republic is lost, the chance of a recovery will be remote.

I do not advocate an armed rebellion because I do not think it winnable.  I do recommend that individual states consider measures they might take to protect the people's rights under the Constitution while we still have that Constitution and those rights guaranteed under the Tenth Amendment.  Should there be sufficient state governments taking actions we might be able to buy enough time to remove enough  "progressives" from positions of power that the imminency of the threat against the Republic would be reduced.  Having looked at the potential threat over many years I do not think it will go away.

The main reason I do not think it will go away is, of course, the fact that the Scriptures tell us that there will be a one world government before the end of the age.  How long that might be no one knows.  I do suggest that all Christians continue to pray for our nation and its leaders, take whatever means they can to be prepared for whatever happens then just turn everything over to the Lord knowing, as one friend said to me, "If we knew all that God knows we would want exactly what He is doing."  (Non-Christians can't say that.)


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