In today's local newspaper there was an article extolling the benefits the health care bill will have for children.  The reasoning behind the article was rather convoluted, actually talking about how the law's provision to make insurers accept children with pre-existing conditions would allow parents to move from job to job without fear of losing their child's health care insurance.  This would provide the child a happier home life because their parents would be better satisfied and perhaps have a better income. 

I strongly suspect that there will be other newspaper articles, along with news broadcasts extolling the virtues of the Obamacare provisions.  The Progressives now must convince an angry public that what they accomplished was a good thing for the country and that their bribery and corruption of governmental processes was clearly done with the public's welfare uppermost in their minds; they really do know better than we what is good for us.

It is just possible that with the aid of a media that is just as corrupt as the politicians they serve that they might succeed in such an effort.  The American voting public is not known for its long memory of failed policies.  And, truthfully, the more serious defects in the Obamacare law will not be felt by most until about 2014 or later.  The more advantageous provisions will start impacting the nation first.

Voters, be not deceived, this health care bill was never about repairing a broken health care system.  It has been about growing the government and diminishing individual freedoms from the get-go.  Until now, we have had one of the best health care systems in the world, perhaps the very best.  Why else would Canadians and individuals from all over the world come here for the care they need instead of using their own government supplied care?  Because that care stinks and they know it!

If you will recall when Bill Clinton first was elected President one of his first orders of business was to have Hillary start drafting a health care reform package.  When they ran into a heavy barrage of negativity he backed off and the health care was put on a back burner.  It was simply postponed for a more opportune time with a Congress that could not be thwarted by the opposition nor concerned by public opinion.  Please, in November do not forget how you felt on March 23rd.  You knew in your heart that people you had elected to national offices had completely ignored your wishes to satisfy their own lust for power.  Unless these Progressives are removed from their positions of power you will live to see your freedoms vanish one by one as Orwell's 1984 becomes reality.

Today, I also saw an Associated Press article on the Internet telling us how the President secretly flew to Afghanistan to speak to our troops and tell the Afghan government that they had to move more quickly to help us complete our task there.  A quote from the article: "His bid to shore up faith in the struggle was aimed at both the troops who cheered him and Americans back home."  The article also said it was his first visit to Afghanistan where he has increased the troop level to 100,000 from the 30,000 there when he took office.   This, I am sure was another move to help him recover some of the lost confidence the public has in his Presidency.  We may watch for many such moves in coming weeks and months.

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