I look around me and I see

A world unlike it used to be,

A world that shifts from up to down

Wherein the truth is rarely found.

And people do not understand

The troubles that beset our land.

They hear the cries, they hear the lies

But most never hear nor ask the whys.

They are content to sit and wait

While evil forces storm the gate.

Most of the few who understand

Refuse or cannot assume command.

If one does presume to try

He quickly learns he must not pry

Into the secrets that there abound

Where truth is never, ever found.

Statesmanship has left the land,

It’s politicians who now stand

To speak great things they never do.

We the people, me and you,

Are left to wonder at the mess

They keep calling a great success.

Once in office our leaders try

Never to have to say good-bye.

Oh, I’ll vote mine back in,

But yours, he should never win.

I heard somebody the other day

Say that Christians are in the way,

They should leave their God in church

And quit talking ‘bout Him so much.

Besides He don’t belong in politics,

Jefferson said God and State don’t mix.

Now I’ve been around quite a while

And traveled the road many a mile.

Wherever I went I found God there,

Actually, I discovered He’s everywhere.

So how can you separate Him from anything?

When He’s always there and He’s your King.

We tried to evict Him from our schools

But He was there watching educated fools

Telling the students they could be

Gods themselves, like you and me.

It’s the same old lie Satan told Eve

Is that really what you believe?

I’m afraid that acceptance of such a belief

Is why there is great trouble getting relief

From problems now destroying what used to be

The home of the brave and the land of the free.

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Mike Scruggs