I understand quoting Scripture is anathema these days, nevertheless I deem it very appropriate in many instances. For several years I have been getting the Hillsdale College publication “Imprimis”. I have just been reading the most recent issue (February 2019) titled “Shall We Defend Our Common History?” It is a scathing attack against the current, politically correct assault on many, many historical monuments representing various segments of actual historic eras and events that some minority groups find offensive. The author(Roger Kimball) calls this “…an attack on the past for failing to live up to our contemporary notions of virtue…that we, blessed members of the most enlightened cohort ever to grace the earth with its presence, occupy a moral plane superior to all who came before us.” In other words we are the smartest people to ever live and we can alter history to prove our point. Mr. Kimball goes on to offer much support for his commentary.

When we take a close look at history we find that many other eras approached their past in similar ways, changing the past to make themselves appear better, generally they were not. Virtually all civilizations erected monuments honoring events or individuals. Images on coinage or paper money is an example. We use images on postal stamps as an honorary statement.

 I mentioned Scripture earlier and that ties in to the subject. Let’s look at: Joshua 4:5-7 (ASV) “ and Joshua said unto them, Pass over before the ark of Jehovah your God into the midst of the Jordan, and take you up every man of you a stone upon his shoulder, according unto the number of the tribes of the children of Israel;  that this may be a sign among you, that, when your children ask in time to come, saying, What mean ye by these stones?  then ye shall say unto them, Because the waters of the Jordan were cut off before the ark of the covenant of Jehovah; when it passed over the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off: and these stones shall be for a memorial unto the children of Israel for ever.” Can you imagine an Israeli of today tearing down those stones? Perhaps the Babylonian soldiers might have, but not the Israelis. 

Why should a small minority of the citizenship have say-so over the large majority because a few individuals find such monuments offensive? And why should that majority stand by and watch their history being erased because some college professor is preaching poor history from his ivory tower? Or are we just sleep walking while our culture is being stolen via our tolerating the intolerable.  

I recently read a Wesley Pruden Article in The Washington Times of March 4, 2019 in which he was questioning the education of many of the reporters and correspondents of the mainstream media because of the way they have been reporting the (fake) news. He indicated they just don’t “get it” and implied such forgetfulness could be very dangerous. He said what they don’t get most is religious faith and if they don’t understand that they don’t understand America. I heartedly agree with him. Anyone who doesn’t understand the history I learned in the seventh grade cannot understand the America Donald Trump is trying to save, which is the America the globalists are trying to eliminate because we are the only nation standing in the way of their New World Order.

It’s quite obvious some of this fresh, young leadership in DC fits well into the same category to which Mr. Pruden assigned his media personnel. They are smarter and wiser than you and I, or than anyone they may think of. They fully understand that global warming is a scientific reality, just as was global freezing a few years back, and that we will all have destroyed our planet if we don’t take these drastic socialistic measures to ensure its preservation. Perhaps they should take a Scriptural note from the book 2 Peter 3:10 (ASV) “10  But the day of the Lord will come as a thief; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall be dissolved with fervent heat, and the earth and the works that are therein shall be burned up.” Of course this happens following Christ’s millennium reign and the final eviction of Satan. Perhaps we should leave climate control and monument removal to Him.

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Mike Scruggs