Salty Sez 2021 07 12 081235Leviathan, that’s the name of a particular monster that appears in the biblical book of Job. Seems a bit appropriate these days, as I’ll point out later. Some fellow, wanting to add to the governmental power of our Republic, once said, ‘the American people will just have to assume that the state acts for the general welfare.’ I guess I kinda thought that way back in my younger years, although that isn’t the way the Founding Fathers saw things. It does look like most of the American people took that bait… and failed to see the hook attached. Some of them still don’t see the hook that’s pulling them downstream to muddy waters.

Heard a Preacher the other day saying a lot of things the most fellows have been told preachers shouldn’t talk about. They understand that preachers, the church, and government just don’t mix? Of course it’s okay for the government to tell the preachers what they can and can’t say, it’s just a one-way street. Most preachers I’ve heard seem to have accepted that position, but not the one I just heard. You might say he called a spade a spade and a lie a lie.

Reminds me of a small pamphlet* I read in which the writer compared our coming government to the leviathan monster, a dragon who destroys whatever stands in its way. Such a government cares naught about the people governed. It loves its own power and its goal is to hang on to that power and exercise it, people be damned. But this is America and that cannot happen here. Open your eyes, people! Leviathan is on its way…

He is the mortal god who brings to man peace and security. Because of this he demands unconditional obedience. There exists no right of resistance to him, neither by invoking a higher nor a different right, nor by invoking religious reasons and arguments. He alone punishes and rewards. Based on his sovereign power, he alone determines by law, in question of justice, what is right and proper and, in matters pertaining in religious beliefs, what is truth and error. At my age I probably won’t be around long enough to see his full takeover, but you never can tell… things are sure changing fast.

*The Progressive Threat to the American Republic

  American Family Association

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