Farron Hancox after with wife Lily and son.Farron Hancox: A Living Example of Transformed Lives Through “Wisdom In Living Life”

A few years ago, The Times Examiner published the miraculous story of Winn Freeman, Founder and President of Wisdom in Living Life Ministry. The title of the article was “Man on a Mission.” For almost two decades, Freeman has been showing others the way to real freedom from addiction. Farron Hancox is one of many who sought and found real freedom from addiction with the help of Winn Freeman and Wisdom in Living Life Ministry.

Six years ago, in 2003, Farron Hancox was a seemingly hopeless drug addict who had resorted to criminal activity to support his habit He had accumulated charges against him that could have resulted in more than a hundred years in prison.

Farron Hancox BeforeHe had a normal childhood. He knew right from wrong. One of his failings was that he used poor judgment in choosing friends. Eventually his friends were members of a motorcycle gang involved in drugs and all sorts of unseemly behavior.

It was never his intention to become a drug addict or a criminal. His addiction came gradually through a little social alcohol consumption and smoking a little marijuana to relax after a hard days work and to be accepted by a circle of friends who were doing the same. Gradually it became a habit. He could quit any time he wanted to quit, he rationalized. Soon he required stronger drugs and more drugs to get the same results. Before he realized he had a problem, Farron had become seriously addicted and found it necessary to engage in criminal activity to support the   habit that controlled his life. Despite his misery, and the attempts of his mother and other family members to offer and seek help, he had become convinced that he was forever locked in the addicted lifestyle with no means of escape.

He was in and out of jail on various charges. He was eventually facing criminal charges that if given the maximum sentence could result in incarceration for more than 100 years.

His uncle and mother sought help from “Wisdom in Living Life Ministry” and its founder Winn Freeman. They asked Freeman to visit him in jail. He declined. “Tell him to write me a letter and ask for help, and I will try to help him,” was Freeman’s response.

There were excuses about not having paper on which to write a letter and other delays. Finally Farron Hancox came to the realization that he was going to jail for a very long time and maybe never live to serve out his sentence. Jesus Christ may now be his only hope of not dying from an overdose or spending the remainder of his life in jail.

Winn Freeman met with Farron and through Judge Charles Simmons, of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Drug Court was able to get him into a special Drug Court program. Farron was introduced to a different environment and became involved in the Wisdom in Living Life Ministry with Winn Freeman.

Wisdom in Living Life Ministry is a Bible-based educational program that has a very high success rate on individuals who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs and have literally “hit bottom.” The ministry does not offer “treatment,” “recovery” or the typical twelve point program offered by most drug treatment and recovery programs. Individuals who succeed in “Wisdom in Living Life” follow the teachings of the Bible and literally “become a new creature,” as described in Second Corinthians 5:17. “Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

After becoming a new creature through Jesus Christ, Farron Hancox continued to grow as a Christian working with Wisdom in Living Life Ministry. He became involved in a church, enrolled in college, and became reunited with his son and other family members.

Today Farron Hancox is a graduate of Fruitland College, happily married to the lovely Lily Hancox, a Baptist minister ordained by Providence Baptist Church, and a staff counselor at Wisdom in Living Life Ministry.

Like his mentor Winn Freeman, Farron is now teaching others what he was taught about the miraculous healing power of Jesus Christ available to all who follow His directions for a new life spelled out in the Word of God.

Farron expects and accepts no credit for what is taking place in the lives of those he trains, who are sincerely   ready and willing to accept  transformation as a gift from a loving God.

“All the glory goes to Jesus,” Farron explains with a big smile that reflects his joy. “It is He who sets addicts free. All I can do is relate to their hopeless situation and point them to the God-given healing power that I received and is available to all who sincerely seek to be free of addiction and become a new creature in Christ.”

Wisdom in Living Life Ministry is the place “where addiction ends and life begins.” To reach the temporary training center at 12408 Old White Horse Road in Travelers Rest, call (864) 271-HELP (4357) or go to www.wisdominliving.org for more information about real people with real life stories about real freedom and a hope-filled alternative for those individuals and families who are imprisoned by addiction and “choose to be free.”


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