Radio talk show host Lisa Benson spent September 11, 2014, in Greenville, South Carolina. Benson is concerned that radical Islamic factions are establishing a prominent presence in the Bible Belt and the local residents don’t even know it.

She had lunch with a group of conservative women , taped a television interview with Peggy Denny, host of the Peggy Denny Show, the longest running program on WGGS TV- 16 in Greenville. The day concluded with a Tribute to September 11 Victims, First Responders and Veterans at the Zen, sponsored by the Greenville Tea Party.

Bubbling with energy behind a strong personality,  Lisa Benson is one of few radio voices warning the American people about the immediate dangers within our borders from Islamic terrorists.

Benson exercises caution in  the choice of words for her public statements, however she leaves no doubt that without prompt action by the United States, the atrocities taking place overseas will be experienced here in the Bible Belt.

She alerted her audiences to the presence of an Islamic training center in South Carolina and a Muslim Charter School in Greenville County.

Benson is described on her website as an “engaging public speaker, writer, National Security Analyst, Mideast Policy Hawk and 30-year veteran of non profit institutional development. “

She could be accurately described as a pro-Israel activist who is acutely aware that the United States and Israel will stand together or suffer the consequences.

Her radio program originates at  KKNT AM  960 in Phoenix, Arizona, and is part of the SALEM Communications Network.

Lisa Benson has two grown sons and resides in Phoenix. She is a graduate of the State University of New York with graduate work at Rockefeller College of Public Policy.


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