Pastors and community leaders gather for a luncheon; filled with the solution to the drug problem in the Upstate.

Dr. David Gallamore, pastor of Rock Springs Baptist Church, invited pastors and business leaders of all denominations in Pickens County for a luncheon to welcome Wisdom In Living Life Ministry.  The event gave the opportunity for Winn Freeman, Founder and CEO, to present them the facts about addiction; the epidemic destroying families and plaguing our community. The lunch was catered by Ann’s Cakes and Catering, along with a group of volunteers from Rock Springs Baptist Church who provided desserts to the crowd as they watched the DVD. It presented a dramatic depiction of firsthand accounts from former drug addicts; who went through transformation when they became students at Wisdom In Living Life Ministry.

Rick Fisher, a long-time supporter and Foundation Director at The Cliff’s Communities, gave a heartfelt overview of the need for this type of ministry in the community as well as in the churches.  Having served as a pastor himself, he realizes the need that they have.   Issues including identifying the problem, as well as providing support and counseling for church member and families who are struggling with drug/alcohol addiction and misusing prescription drugs.

Freeman, better known as the “Drug Guy,” began with asking the question:  Is there a problem? Then he showed the statistics of deaths, domestic violence, child abuse and crimes associated with drug addiction here in the upstate.  He ended his presentation by asking:  Is the church equipped to handle it?  The presentation led them into a discovery of how Wisdom In Living Life Ministry offers a solution to serve the churches and those who struggle with addiction.  How will Wisdom In Living Life Ministry respond to this challenge?  How will they get on the front end of this growing epidemic that has killed more people than all the wars of our history combined?  They will address it head-on through training, not treatment. Advocating that true freedom from addiction can only be found in Christ.

Addiction---Rich-HeftyThe presentation was an eye-opener and a hope-filled solution for those attending realizing that the problem is real and the burden is overwhelming to say the least.  Freeman says, “We are not only helping individuals, and families, but are assisting and educating pastors about the signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug abuse, and partnering with them to fight this war.  The purpose of our ministry is simple:  we exist to educate, equip, and empower God’s people to effectively reach those imprisoned by addiction.”  Freeman continued by sharing the four cornerstones of Wisdom In Living Life Ministry:

• Help for Individuals

• Hope for Families

• Serving the Church

• Support for the Community

After the presentation the crowd retreated to gather around the various displays that included:  educational material for prevention, a drug paraphernalia table to show objects people use when involved in drug use.

Wisdom In Living Life Ministry is in its 10th year anniversary of service in the upstate and is located in Travelers Rest since 2007.  If you, your church or business would like to schedule a presentation, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (864) 834-9800. Visit our website to view our DVD at



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