From its inception in 1948 the UN has been contrary to the best interests of the American people. It is time to
From its inception in 1945 the UN has been contrary to the best interests of the American people. It is time to "GET OUT!"

“It has been the dream of many people for over 200 years to create a one-world government over the entire planet to bring people together, thereby preventing war between nations and peoples—universal peace.

“It is a grand ideal, and many have been convinced that such an entity would indeed create universal peace.  There is only one thing wrong with it, and that is that human nature and the nature of government get in the way.  It recalls to mind the adage of the British Lord Acton: ‘Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

“The nature of government is to take  unto itself more and more power, and with that power a level of corruption.  There is no exception to this natural process in history, ancient or modern, because it is based on human nature and the nature of government itself.”

Art Thompson, ‘The United Nations: Unity Through Tyranny’, published by The John Birch Society through Western Islands, Appleton, Wisconsin, 2020, p. vii.

In the 59 years that I have been a proud member of The John Birch Society, “GET US OUT OF THE UNITED NATIONS” has been a continuing project for all Birchers—i.e., educating our fellow citizens about WHY we as a nation should get out of the U.N.  and get the U.N. OUT of the U.S. has long been one of the “prime directives” of the JBS, because our Founder, Robert Welch, recognized the great danger posed by the Marxist foundations of the U.N., which were totally against the concept of sovereign FREE nations governed by constitutions.  To date, of course, the U.N. is still firmly ensconced in New York City, but the percentage of Americans who support the U.N. has dropped precipitously over recent decades.  When the United Nations Organization was formed in 1945, probably 80% of Americans supported the concept as a way to “prevent more wars” (WW11 had just concluded, but “preventing more wars” was a Marxist DECEPTION from the beginning).  Today far less than one-third of our citizenry support the “ideals and goals” of what is provably one of the premier Marxist-dominated (especially in recent years by the communist Chinese) organizations on the planet.  And sad to say—there have been FAR MORE WARS in all the years from 1945 to the present because of the U.N.

As Lord Acton so wisely reminded us, power corrupts people—it corrodes their minds and contaminates their souls and, if unchecked, very often, if not always, leads them off into “delusions of grandeur” where they are the supreme ‘masters’ and almost everyone else becomes their fearful and obedient followers—or servants—or serfs--or joins their fanatical army set up to do the bidding of those power-mad monsters!  This worshipping of total power has been demonstrated in many countries over much of the world, over many centuries.  Far, far back in time there were the Mesopotamian and Sumerian cultures, then came the Babylonian, Assyrian, Egyptian, and Hittite cultures and kingdoms, each one being dominated by strong and often brutal war lords, strong kings (and a few strong queens), military conquerors, and incipient tyrants, each one determined to expand his/her clan’s or territory’s or nation’s boundaries via war and conquest of those too weak to resist.  Then came the Greeks, the Persians, the Romans—all likewise dedicated to the proposition that their civilizations could prosper only through strong or tyrannical leaders and the expansion of their “empires”. (Despite contributing some lasting values, literature, and wisdom to the modern world, including the concept of a “res publica”, or a republic, courtesy of the occasionally rational and sane Romans prior to the Caesars, these civilizations all succumbed to forms of tyranny before being overrun by others).  The ancient Chinese empire was based mostly on conquest and brutality, and on the Central and South American continents, the Mayans, the Incas, and the Aztecs were perfecting the art of conquest and controlling their people through war and fear, including human sacrifice.  Indeed, those who in recent centuries and  up until today have lusted after total power over humanity have had plenty of experienced “teachers” from the past to guide their dreams of conquest and total power over all of us, dreams called—in modern terminology—THE NEW WORLD ORDER, or THE GREAT RESET.  (But don’t be fooled:  there is NOTHING “new” or “great” in the evil plans of our present-day globalists to exercise total power and control over all of mankind—all that they propose to let “survive”, that is.) 

 God’s Word tells us that this lusting after power is one manifestation of “sin”—that which God hates, but which much of mankind has always been in love with ever since our first parents were beguiled by that lying serpent in God’s Garden. One of these creatures that was ultimately “beguiled” by the serpent was a mad follower of Satan named Karl Marx.  In his “bible”, called The Communist Manifesto, first published in 1848, Marx declared that the primary goal of those who call themselves ‘communists’ was the formation of a ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT, to be ruled by uniting all of the communist parties of the world in on place under one leader, for the ‘benefit’ of mankind.  In the conclusion of his Communist Manifesto, Marx proclaimed:

“In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things…. The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims.  They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions ...The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains.  They have a world to win.”

What a LIE that was, because as history has recorded, the “proletarians” of the world traded the usually “lighter chains” of various “democratic” or “monarchical” governmental forms for the much heavier chains of communist tyranny in all nations that unwisely succumbed to Marx’s insanity! The history of “Marxism” shows that communists (and the globalists who control them) prefer to use force to overthrow existing governing institutions, but not always.  Sometimes their plans leapfrog the present and aim to the future, where collectivism might be more widely received, or less strongly resisted.  Subterfuge, obviously, can be and has been employed to support any scheme to convince free and independent people and entire countries that a “one-world government” is to be preferred over individual, sovereign, relatively free nations.  And the United Nations Organization was tailor-made by the Marxists/globalists in 1945 to be used for their own nefarious ends, the most important of them being the ultimate conquest of the United States and the dismantling of our nation as a sovereign constitutional republic and incorporating it into their “New World Order” hive. 

It has long been obvious to people who have studied the machinations of Marxists that the U.N. was originally conceived, and is being used presently, as a means of building and expanding their long-time goal of a ONE-WORLD SOCIALIST (COMMUNIST/MARXIST)  GOVERNMENT, ruled by so-called “elites”—i.e., progressives, socialists, communists, leftists of all stripes, globalists, and tin-pot and major tyrants, but cleverly disguised over all these years as an institution dedicated to peace.  What a clever LIE that has been.

So come, let us reason together, as the old saying goes.  If the U.N. was truly dedicated to “world peace” and dedicated to the preservation of freedom for the people of the world, WHY HAS EVERY SECRETARY-GENERAL OF THE U.N.O., FROM ITS BEGINNINGS IN 1945 TO THE PRESENT, BEEN EITHER A LEFTIST SOCIALIST OR AN AVOWED LEFTIST COMMUNIST WHO PREVIOUSLY SERVED IN HIS OWN COUNTRY’S GOVERNMENT?  Obviously, none of them have been from the “proletariat” class!  NONE OF THEM!

I think that a good argument could be made that if certain “patterns” of political action keep being repeated over a long period of time, one could come to a logical conclusion that this is happening BY PLAN AND NOT BY COINCIDENCE!  For example, I mentioned above that every U.N. Secretary General, supposedly the person “in charge” at the U.N., has been a dedicated communist or socialist:

  • 1945-1946: ALGER HISS, Communist from the U.S.;
  • 1946-1953: TRYGVE LIE, Socialist from Norway;
  • 1953-1961: DAG HAMMARSKJOLD, Socialist from Sweden;
  • 1962-1971: U THANT, Socialist from Burma, now Myanmar;
  • 1972-1981: KURT WALDHEIM, Nazi Socialist from Austria;
  • 1982-1991: JAVIER PEREZ de CUELLAR, Socialist from Peru;
  • 1991-1996: BOUTROS BOUTROS-GHALI, Socialist from Egypt;
  • 1997-2006: KOFI ANNAN, Socialist from Ghana;
  • 2007-2016: BAN KI-MOON, Socialist from South Korea;
  • 2017 to present: ANTONIO GUTERRES, Communist from Portugal.

As Art Thompson, former CEO of The John Birch Society, reminded us in his book mentioned above, “The truth of the matter is that the idea of a  one-world government has been one of the main aims for over 200 years of a cabal who are today known as Marxists.”  These “ideas” can be traced back from Marx and Engels, who are supposedly the authors of The Communist Manifesto, to the “Communist League”, which supposedly commissioned Marx to write his “manifesto”.  The Communist League morphed somewhat out of The League of the Just, an ostensibly “Christian” group dedicated to ‘universal brotherhood, peace, and love” but which eventually threw in with the Communist League.  Going back even further, these groups had part of their genesis in the Carbonari movements that arose in several European countries in the early years of the 19th century, and even earlier from the French revolutionary “societies” known as “Jacobin Societies”.  And those societies in revolutionary France had their origins in “The Brotherhood of the Illuminati”, which began in Bavaria, Germany in 1776, and when forced out of Bavaria by its government after their evil goals were exposed, ended up in pre-revolutionary France, and it is thought that they were the driving force behind the French Revolution of 1789.  After that time of terror and chaos was tamped down by Napoleon 1, hundreds of French revolutionaries left France and relocated to the young U.S. throughout the 1790’s and early 1800’s, where they have been spreading their poison pills surreptitiously, and today much more openly, ever since. 

So what does that have to do with the United Nations and its on-going threats against our sovereign republic?  Well, assuming that Lord Acton’s observation regarding the corrupting influence of “power”, and assuming, therefore, that there are no exceptions to his maxim (and I believe that world history amply verifies his declaration), then it follows that for whatever reason, no matter how “pure” were the impulses of those who formulated it (and in the case of the U.N. they were NOT pure), and no matter the claimed “nobility” of its structure (and it is far from ‘noble’), then ANY “one-world government” will become, in short order, totally CORRUPT, even if those who originated it had the purest of intentions (which they did NOT have).

It is my contention that “corruption”—i.e. the lust for power on the part of the globalists who were behind the failed “League of Nations” that President Wilson begin speaking so forcefully for beginning in January, 1918 (which the U.S. never joined, thankfully, and which died away when WW11 began) and in the successfully implemented  U.N. in 1945—was already firmly ensconced in the very heart and soul of the U.N. right from its inception. 

We’ll  examine these attacks on our constitutional freedoms by the communist-dominated United Nations more  fully next time.

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