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Sunday, April 14, 2024 - 12:02 AM


First Published in 1994


I’ve used the following sources to tell this true tale of almost unspeakable heroism, from which I learned of this story and from which I quote freely and paraphrase in my own words:  1) Transcript of a 2010 report about Witold Pilecki by National Public Radio; 2) Wikipedia; 3) Jewish Virtual Library.

Witold Pilecki (1900-1948). Pictured in his Polish Army uniform, and also in his prisoner's uniform in front of the infamous Ausch Witz Concentration Camp in Polan where he had voluntarily let himself be imprisoned from 1940-1943. The sign over the front entrance of Aushc Witz reads in German:
Witold Pilecki (1901-1948). Pictured in his Polish Army uniform, and also in his prisoner's uniform in front of the infamous Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland where he had voluntarily let himself be imprisoned from 1940-1943. The sign over the front entrance of Auschwitz reads in German: "Work Sets You Free." In Ausch Witz only death "sets you free."


I’ve been trying to live my life so that in the hour of my death I would rather feel joy, than fear.”  What kind of person would say this as he/she prepared to enter into “the valley of the shadow of death”?  A true Christian?  Without doubt.  A true patriot?  Probably.  A true Christian Patriot?  Of course.  A devoted husband and father who sacrificed virtually everything for the common good, who determined that resisting evil was ‘obedience to God’ and was more important than his own life?  How can we conclude otherwise; a person like this is a rare commodity, for certain.  However, those were the last public words of Polish Patriot, Witold Pilecki (1901-1948), after hearing his sentence of death pronounced by a socialist communist judge in a socialist communist court in the socialist communist People’s Republic of Poland, during his “show trial” for “espionage and planning to assassinate several officials in The Ministry of Public Security”, in Warsaw, Poland in May of 1948, (as reported by Bartlomiej Kuras, “Ale Historia”, in Gazeta Wybordza, April 22, 2013).

All around us, in this day and age, we see people—perhaps our own family, friends, neighbors, or countrymen, who seem to be increasingly willing to compromise with evil—with the leftist mantras and lies and “woke-isms” emanating from the “main stream media” (“fake news”), and from many of the pulpits of our liberal, Marx-spouting, Scripture-denying, Savior dishonoring main stream denominational churches, from our politicians, from our employers, from our own families—in other words, from people we know and trust. The cowardly adage of  “going along to get along” is the sage advice that Americans hear today, and those of us who refuse to subscribe to it are condemned by the brain damaged lunatics and moonbats as “extremists”, as “bigots”, and as “racists”.  And—horror of horrors---we’re accused of being “Christians” and/or “conservatives”—constitutional supporters who answer to a higher power than some anti-American political party or a gaggle of slimy leftist politicians spouting their treacherous progressive mendacities  as they delight in posing as our arrogant masters rather than our humble servants!  To that “charge” I proudly plead GUILTY!


There are some people throughout human history who “marched to the beat of a different drummer”, who put principle or the good of others before their own interests or safety, even before their own lives.  One of these people, virtually unknown in the west until after the fall of communist Poland in 1989/90, a man unique in the history of humanity, was named Witold Pilecki, a military officer of the Second Polish Republic—a Deputy Commander of the 41st Infantry Division in 1939, Organizer of the Secret Polish Army—1939-1940, Organizer of the Union of Military Organizations—1940-1943, Commander of the Warszawianka Company-1944; Founder of the Secret Polish Army Resistance Group, and a member of the underground Polish Home Army.  PILECKI IS NOW RECOGNIZED AS THE ONLY KNOWN PERSON TO VOLUNTEER TO BE IMPRISONED IN THE AUSCHWITZ  CONCENTRATION CAMP DURING WORLD WAR 11.  He was a patriot that all Americans should know about.

Why would any man, especially one with a beloved wife and two children, volunteer to walk into “Hell On Earth”, i.e. “Auschwitz”, which as we know now (but which was NOT fully known by people in Poland and in Europe then) was one of the most brutal and barbaric Jewish extermination camps maintained by the totally evil, National Socialist German Workers Party, i.e. NAZIS?  Picking  up the story in the 2010 NPR report:

“In September, 1940, Captain Pilecki didn’t know exactly what was going on in Auschwitz, but he knew someone had to find out.  He would spend 2 ½ years in that prison camp, smuggling out word of the methods of execution and interrogation.  He would eventually escape and author the first intelligence report on (Auschwitz).

“In the early years of the war, little was known about (this concentration camp).  Poland was in a state of chaos…. Nazi Germany claimed one half, and Soviet Russia claimed the other.  The Polish Resistance had gone underground.  Pilecki determined to infiltrate the Auschwitz camp, but had difficulty getting (his) commanders to (approve).  It was thought of as only a POW camp.  They didn’t realize the information from inside the camp was that vital.

“Capt. Pilecki was eventually cleared to insert himself into a street round up of Poles in Warsaw on Sept. 19, 1940. (Pilecki smuggled himself into Auschwitz under the false name, Tomasz Serafinski—whl). Upon arrival, he learned Auschwitz was far from anything the Resistance had imagined. (He later wrote):  ‘Together with 100 others, I at least reached the bathroom,’ …  ‘Here we gave everything away into bags….Here our hair was cut off, and we were slightly sprinkled by cold water.  I got a blow in my jaw with a heavy rod.  I spat out my two teeth, and I was bleeding.  From that moment (I was) number 4859’.

“That was a small and early number for a camp that would, one year later, see numbers in the 15,000’s.… One of the early signs of Auschwitz’s true purpose …was the prisoners’ diet.  Food rations were calculated (so that) people would (starve to death) after six weeks.  Those who lived longer were deemed to be stealing food and would be placed in a special (unit), with the aim of causing as quick a mental breakdown as possible. Capt. Pilecki was assigned to backbreaking work—carrying rocks in a wheelbarrow.  But he managed to gather intelligence on the camp and smuggle messages out with prisoners who escaped.  SS soldiers assigned Poles to take their laundry into town, and sometimes messages could be smuggled out along with the dirty clothes…

“The Polish underground was completely in disbelief about the horrors—about the ovens, gas chambers, about injections to murder prisoners—people didn’t believe him…. Pilecki hoped to organize an attack and mass escape from the camp (but) no order (came) from the Polish high command.  For the next 2 ½ years, Pilecki slowly worked to feed his reports up the Polish chain of command to London.  The Polish government-in-exile told the British and the Americans…to bomb the train tracks going to these camps, or…drop Polish paratroopers inside the camp.  But the British and Americans wouldn’t do anything.

“Eventually, after nearly 3 years, Pilecki realized he had to escape, and (did so) through a poorly secured back door in a bakery, where he’d managed to (be assigned).  After his escape, Capt. Pilecki continued to fight in the underground.  But after the war ended, the Germans were replaced by…the Soviets.  Pilecki was again asked to gather intelligence, this time on the ways in which the communists were establishing themselves in Poland.  Capt. Pilecki was (eventually) captured by the communists, was accused of espionage, and he was shot…” (by a bullet in the back of his head, a preferred Communist execution method—whl).


Documents released after the Devil’s Disciples (communists) were finally ejected from Poland (supposedly) revealed that the Nazi Gestapo launched an extensive manhunt for Pilecki after his escape from Auschwitz.  In 1944, Pilecki was captured by the Nazi military while fighting in the heroic Warsaw Uprising (by Jewish patriots and their allies) and was incarcerated for the duration of the war in a POW camp.  In July, 1945, after the defeat of the Nazi forces, he joined the Free Polish troops in Italy, and agreed to return to Poland and begin gathering intelligence on its brutal takeover by the Soviet communists.  As the WikipediA story revealed, Pilelcki was ultimately caught by the Polish socialist communist government, severely tortured to make him reveal the identity of his fellow Polish patriots (which he did NOT reveal), was harshly interrogated and accused of “crimes” against Poland (of which he was NOT guilty), was given a mock or “show” trial (which the communist brutes loved to do), was declared “guilty”, and was executed in the Mokotow Prison in Warsaw on May 25, 1948 at 9:30 p.m. by a bullet in the back of his head, one of the millions of victims of communist/socialist TYRANNY which continues to this day.

Polish patriot Witold Pilecki (1901-1948), as he stood
Polish patriot Witold Pilecki (1901-1948), as he stood "trial for "espionage and planning to assassinate several officials in the ministry of public security." In Warsaw, Poland he was executed by satan's minions on May 25, 1948.

This great and heroic man’s grave has never been found, but is believed to be somewhere within the large Powazki Cemetery in Warsaw.  Pilecki is now considered by his Polish countrymen, and should be likewise considered by ALL the free people on Earth, as “one of the greatest wartime heroes” that surfaced during the long, painful tragedy of WW11.  The Chief Rabbi of Poland, Michael Schudrich, wrote in the story—The Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery:  “When God created the human being, God had in mind that we should all be like Captain Witold Pilecki, of blessed memory.  (Witold Pilecki) was an example of inexplicable goodness at a time of inexplicable evil.”  Norman Davies, a noted British historian, wrote that: “If there was an Allied hero who deserved to be remembered and celebrated, this was a person with few peers.”  Pilecki was memorialized by the Polish Ambassador at the commemoration event of the “International Holocaust Remembrance Day” at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on Jan. 27, 2013. 

That brings us to we who live today.  At present none of us is being asked to risk his/her life and stand against evil like the brave Pole of this story.  At least not yet.  (But many hundreds of innocent Americans ARE being harassed by the increasingly fascist FBI and DOJ, and have been unjustly held by our despicable Department of “Justice” in deplorable prison conditions without trial, merely for walking into THEIR OWN U.S. capitol building on Jan. 6, 2020). Will Americans in today’s troubled world—with chaos, crime, and “Big Brother” tyranny closing in on us and with the millions of INVADING  ILLEGAL hordes of undocumented, disease carrying, ignorant and/or hate-filled aliens—including dedicated terrorists--already in our midst, and thousands more illegally crossing our southern border every week--ever be asked to sacrifice like Witold Pilecki did?  Would any of us sacrifice in like manner if we were asked to do so?  Ah, that is a question, isn’t it?  I have asked myself that question, but I’ve not yet been able to give myself an honest answer. 

Citizens of the U.S. have lived in relative peace and security for so long that most of us never contemplate what life would be like if that peace and security were stripped from us by either a tyrannical socialist-style government, as increasingly envisioned by the communist/collectivist scum who now control the Klan of New Bolsheviks (formerly the Democrat Party) or by a foreign invader who managed to overcome our military forces, which even now are becoming  seriously weakened by the purposeful mismanagement—the FORCED “WOKEISM”—the DANGEROUS COVID “JABS” forced upon many of our unwilling military--  of our leftist/progressive Comrade Pseudo-President Joe Biden and the Marxist vultures with which he has surrounded himself, aided and abetted by a like-minded House and Senate controlled by treacherous DUMBOCRATS and RINO cowards, that it could no longer protect our American homeland.  That is not beyond the realm of possibility, for in the year 2022, as I write these words, at least HALF of our elected Representatives and Senators belong to that political party that I now call The Klan of New Bolsheviks—(formerly Democrats) that is moving rapidly to the  socialist/collectivist tyrannical left side of the political spectrum, and is determined that our free enterprise system that has given liberty and prosperity to the largest number of our citizens than ANY other system could do or has ever done, (which the moonbats of the left always call “evil capitalism”), needs to be replaced with their “Venezuela-style” socialism—their dreams of “Hell on Earth”. 

These brain damaged “New Bolsheviks” love to assure us that our free enterprise system  is “doomed” and will be replaced, peacefully they hope, but violently if necessary (using their AntiFa and BLM shock troops as their Nazi-style “brown shirts”), with the wonderful group think “wisdom” (also called tyranny) of a Socialist Peoples’ Republic, a true “workers’ paradise” where all disarmed Americans (except those in power and their toadies) will experience the glory of living in a country like VENEZUELA, or Cuba, or North Korea, or several other Marxist hell-holes!  Well, excuse me if I proclaim my REFUSAL to ever live in their socialist “paradise”, and my GUARANTEE that I will never allow myself to be disarmed as long as I breathe and can squeeze a trigger! 

Let us never forget the eternal wisdom of George Hiram Mann, who first published these frightening words in the Wall Street Journal in 1947, cogently and accurately reminding us:





That has been the fate of all formerly free people who slowly but inexorably forgot the history lesson that those words proclaim, and who succumbed to the “siren song” of “progressivism/socialism” that eventually enveloped Witold Pilecki, wherein the iron fist of repression and tyranny is hidden in the “soft velvet glove” of the forked tongued leftist politicians—those masters of mendacity”—those purveyors of perfidy--who assure the gullible among us that “free stuff” from the government is good for America, so just “go along with us” and let us prove it to you.  Believe those LIES at the peril of your freedom and possibly your life! 


Wihold Pilecki was one of untold numbers of patriots who sacrificed themselves for their native lands, including Americans who have fought, bled, died for, and argued, wrote, and discussed the countless blessings and the liberties that have been enjoyed because of what our Founders gave to us.  More importantly, they gave us a deep love of and commitment to our Savior, Jesus the Messiah.  Most of us who have delved deeply into American history know that their love for our Savior and their loyalty to Him was so deep that one of the popular “battle cries” of the American Revolution was: “No king but King Jesus!”  But that was in the 18th century.  Things are different now, unfortunately, and the devotion of so many Americans is no longer to “King Jesus” but to excessive worldliness and Satan’s minions.  The passion for becoming a Christian, following our LORD’s commands, and for preserving our disintegrating republic, are all being lost. 

Most Americans sense this—they realize that something is going drastically wrong in our nation, yet they’re uncertain just exactly what has gone wrong or even what to do about it.  Their churches (i.e. their rabbis, pastors, priests, deacons, elders) , for the most part won’t take a stand, many of them choosing to be “woke” or “politically correct” or “non-controversial”, terrified of “rocking the boat” and upsetting “our” government, paralyzed into ineffectiveness over fear of losing their “tax exemptions”.  As a result, we increasingly live in a sort of “vacuum” that is being rapidly filled by what can best be described as a sort of Satanic evil that has enslaved the minds of both Christians and pagans alike, an evil that is pushing all of us into a vast pit of confusion and frightening vulnerability to the deceits and lies of those globalists/collectivist fascists who are pushing for a “Great Reset of All Mankind”, wherein are hidden Satan’s lies.  Some fear that Americans are on the “edge” of some kind of physical and/or political bondage, an incipient police state, while others fear we have already gone over that “edge”, and that tyranny in one ugly form or another is inevitable and has already begun to descend upon us. 

For certain, tyranny will be “inevitable” if we Americans just sit around, wringing our hands, and chanting “woe is me” while complaining to the wind.  That’s the recipe for enslavement, without any doubt.  The enemies of God and country—the Satanic despisers of the constitutional republic given to us by our Founders—have done a great job of tearing Americans apart, of encouraging us to attack each other, of dumbing down our younger generations so that the wisdom of age and experience is lost.  As Patrick Henry so wisely proclaimed in St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia in March of 1775:  “I have no way of judging the future but by the past”.  That past concentrated on the study of God’s Word by almost the entire population.  We must get back to that.  We must return to the emphasis on showing our families, our friends and neighbors how to become a real Christian, not just a “Sunday morning” Christian.  Most of our colonial populations were highly literate, they could read and spell the English language well, they could write legibly, they were very proficient in mathematics, in history, in geography, and in literature.  We need to pull all of our kids OUT of the failed “Academies of Advanced Mediocrity”—those “Institutes of Induced Ignorance” (aka government schools) and do as most of our colonial ancestors did—home school or private school or Christian school our youth, using real pro-Christian, pro-American, and pro-truth materials rather than the lies, the filth, the anti-Americanism, the race hatred, and the striving for failure pushed by so-called schools today.

These are just some steps—some actions to take to expose the evil machinations of our political and spiritual enemies, the same thing that Witold Pilecki did in Poland during his short life.  Adults banding together, educating themselves with truth and accurate information, sharing that truth with others, putting lots of pressure on our governmental representatives so they learn that they are OUR servants, NOT our masters, will do much to preserve our freedoms.  Joining with other patriots in The John Birch Society (JBS.ORG) would be one of the most important steps you can take to assure freedom’s preservation.  Will YOU take that step?  I hope so. 

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