I really do love to annoy the enemies of our Constitutional Republic - i.e. Liberals, Democrats, RINOs, Socialists, Communists, Big Business Oligarchs and Chambers of Commerce, Etc.
I really do love to annoy the enemies of our Constitutional Republic - i.e. Liberals, Democrats, RINOs, Socialists, Communists, Big Business Oligarchs and Chambers of Commerce, Etc.

In the Year of our Lord, 2021, our American nation finds itself (well, at least its citizens do) virtually split down the middle over “politics”; more specifically split down the middle between those who call themselves “conservatives”, who honor and respect the “old ways” of freedom under law, and limited government, that were codified by our Founders in our Constitution and transmitted to all of mankind through the centuries by God’s Eternal Word (our Holy Bible), and those who call themselves modern “liberals” (both theological and political), who essentially reject almost everything that conservatives believe in and honor—especially limited Constitutional government and Biblical Christianity. 

This “split” between those who adhere to the belief system of our Founders and those who proclaim their rejection of those old and proven values came to a head in the totally vicious political and legal battle that was waged for the entire four years of his administration by certain segments of our population and a significant portion of “our” government against our embattled former President, Donald Trump, as they did all they could to ridicule, dishonor, disavow, and lie about him--  even impeaching him twice--thus proving what despicable poltroons they truly are. They rejected and belittled  his efforts to “Make America Great Again” or, as he stated later:  “Keep America Great!”. We all know, I assume, that some of our dastardly and unpatriotic liberals, particularly those who sought the nomination for POTUS of  “The Klan of New Bolsheviks” (formerly known as the Democrat Party—or as I called it: The DEMONCRAT Party), in 2020 proclaimed emphatically that “America was NEVER great” (and that only they could make America truly “great”—you know, “great” like Cuba, Cambodia, North Korea, Venezuela, some Central American Marxist dictatorships, African ‘gangster” nations, including the disintegrating Republic of South Africa, and sundry Islamic hell holes in the Middle East)! 

Some pundits fear that if this split between Constitutional Conservatives and anti-Constitution Liberals  worsens, actual civil war might come upon us for the first time since 1775 (no—the “unpleasantness” of 1861-65 was NOT a true “civil war”, properly defined, because TWO SEPARATE COUNTRIES were in a deliberately caused conflict with each other---NOT two conflicting groups in the SAME country (as in the original American Revolution), which IS the true definition of “civil war”---look it up yourself or, better yet, read Mike Scruggs’ great book: The UN-CIVIL WAR---Shattering the Historical Myths, that can be ordered from The Times Examiner,  AND read Art Thompson’s monumental tome, To The Victor Go The Myths & Monuments, that can be ordered from JBS.org,  if you want the real facts about this totally unnecessary but purposely instigated time of violence that occurred in those troubled years.) 

This past year, Americans in multiple places in our troubled nation experienced a PLANNED REPEAT of the political and social unrest that occurred in the years prior to 1860, and also occurred prior to the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, which took the form of DELIBERATE violence, mayhem, property damage, beatings, killings and riots, and media lying about the past, all of which were again perpetrated by our COMMUNIST and ANARCHIST ENEMIES in AntiFa and Black Lives Matter, instigated and financed by verminous enemies of constitutional liberty like the former Nazi, George Soros, and his ‘Open Society Foundations’!

A famous comedian, Jeff Foxworthy,  has made a living observing that “you might be a redneck if…….”.  Well, I’ve discovered some equally pertinent “observations” about the possibility that a person might be a “liberal” (in today’s understanding of the term, NOT in the “classic definition” of ‘liberal’ that applied to many of our Founders) if they espouse certain beliefs.  These tidbits are not mine, and I mined them from different sources. Suffice it to say that, while I didn’t originate them, I concur with their validity.

First, let’s define the word: “liberal”.  The Oxford Dictionary says a liberal is “a person open to new behavior and willing to discard traditional values”.  Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary says a liberal is “a person who believes that government should be active in supporting social and political change—relating to or supporting political liberalism.  A person not opposed to new ideas or ways of behavior that are not traditional or widely accepted.

SO:  you “might” be a liberal if……..

  • You want to ban guns except for those carried by your own kids’ bodyguards (like certain hypocritical Hollywood or TV types);
  • You support “alternative energy” but don’t want wind turbines to spoil the view from your own yard;
  • You believe that consenting adults can freely engage in any activity except free enterprise;
  • You want to outlaw tobacco and legalize marijuana;
  • You have no problem with rich Hollywood or TV stars flying in private jets to give speeches on the evils of climate change;
  • You believe, deep down, that all those Americans killed on 9/11/2001 deserved to die;
  • You rant against school vouchers for public school students but send your kids to private schools;
  • You think that Israel is a criminal state but that Hamas and Isis and all Islamic Jihadists aren’t criminals;
  • You support the murder of unborn babies but oppose executing convicted murderers;
  • You think that traditional marriage is obsolete except for those of the same sex;
  • You support a woman’s “right to choose” unless she chooses not to murder her unborn child, or adoption, or chooses to be a stay-at-home mom or chooses to homeschool her kids;
  • You value “tolerance” except for opinions that differ from yours.”
  • You actually believe that ‘electric cars’ will drastically reduce ‘climate change’;
  • You believe that “climate change” is man-made (or “people made” if you’re one of those ‘pronoun sensitive’ moon bats);
  • You really believed the ravings of the discredited ‘Climate Change Guru’, Al Gore, regarding his assurance that all the polar ice caps would have already been melted away by now, and many of our coastal cities and Pacific islands would be partially or totally underwater long before now;
  • You believe in “The Big Bang Theory” of Creation of the Universe, wherein ALL time, space, and matter were “created” instantly out of NOTHING, but you deny that a Supreme Being actually created the entire universe out of His Will and Word.

There are hundreds more of these gems of wisdom on the internet, so do a bit of research and find more of this wisdom.  If nothing else, they’ll provide a source of good laughs.

I’d like to end this foray into the nonsensical beliefs of our liberal countrymen by submitting these pertinent comments from a writer on The Urban Dictionary, which I couldn’t have said any better myself:

“A liberal is a person with liberal views.  However, an EXTREME liberal is the WORST kind of person….  They brainwash people.  Then they convince you that their pre-made views…are open-minded.  They tell you to hate (those whose political views differ from their own).  They are the first to throw around the word ‘racist’.  They look for a group, typically blacks or Hispanics, convince them that they are nothing (and are persecuted) and need liberals to survive---then they exploit these groups for their own political power”. 

Sadly, people who call themselves “liberals’ are more shrill, more prone to violence, more prone to mendacity and perfidy, and more willing to use “situation ethics” to get their dose of political power or ‘feel-good thrills running up their legs” every time and in every way they can.  Truth, to most liberals, is ‘relative’, and like Allah’s 7th Century Primitives now infesting our land (with hordes more soon to come thanks to the “open doors generosity” of Comrade Joe Biden and his fellow Marxists/socialists), liberals will not refrain from lying if it furthers their cause.  Beware of liberals, particularly those in your own families or circles of friends, who smile at you and assure you of their love for and admiration of you even if they disagree with your beliefs.  Take their words with a ‘grain of salt’ and a large measure of doubt.  And watch your back!

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