On Jan. 25, 2018, then former VP Joe Biden meets with CFR President Richard Haass at CFR Headquarters in New York City.
On Jan. 25, 2018, then former VP Joe Biden meets with CFR President Richard Haass at CFR Headquarters in New York City.

The year 2021 is the 100th  anniversary of the founding of The Council On Foreign Relations, an organization that has long been considered by “those in the know” as the true “power behind the throne” of U.S. politics.  This immense power has been exercised by the CFR over that entire century, including especially within the Biden Administration (and within ALL presidential administrations since 1921 to a lesser or greater degree).  As William Jasper wrote in the June 7, 2021 issue of the New American magazine:  “The CFR does indeed wield unparalleled influence in political, financial, business, media, and academic circles, and is regularly showered with accolades by ‘the great and the good’.  It is the public face, the brain trust, and the central nervous system of what critics refer to as “the Deep State”.

So, if the CFR has been so powerful in the above realms of power and influence during this “century of subversion”, why haven’t the American people known  all about it for decades, and why haven’t they resolved to curb its power?  Despite the valiant educational efforts of mainly the John Birch Society over the past 60 years, I doubt that more than 20% of the American population have ever heard of the CFR, much less exhibit concern over its treacherous and treasonous influences over those who have held the reins of American power for all that time.  Could it be that there are powerful “forces” in our nation who long ago determined that the true nature of the CFR would be kept hidden from the American people?  Does the sun rise in the East?  Does the Roadrunner always ‘outfox’ Wiley Coyote?  Hmmmm?

According to William Jasper, “The CFR does indeed wield unparalleled influence in political, financial, business, media, and academic circles, and is regularly showered with accolades to ‘the great and the good.’  It is the public face, the brain trust, and the central nervous system of what critics refer to as the Deep State—the UNELECTED ‘PERMANENT GOVERNMENT’ that has hijacked our country.”  Well then, just exactly why is the CFR so dangerous to our nation’s continued survival as a SOVEREIGN Constitutional Republic?  If one is familiar at all with the sordid and surreptitious history of the CFR, it is obvious that during its hundred year history this organization chalked up “a sordid record of treachery, treason, subversion, and betrayal…. The history of the CFR is a chronicle of a century-long war against national sovereignty, and an unremitting effort to build an all-powerful WORLD GOVERNMENT, which CFR globalists have frequently referred to as their ‘New World Order’”, according to William Jasper. 

One of the faithful proponents of this “New World Order”, and a long time member of the CFR, was our late former President George H. W. Bush.  I recall during one of his State of the Union addresses how he extolled the inevitability and the  coming wonders of this New World Order, and he used those exact words.  He often spoke glowingly of that expected almost-“messianic” event.  Other U.S. presidents have  also belonged to this treasonous den of vipers, including Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, John Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton.  Interestingly, back on January 25, 2018, in a joint appearance at CFR headquarters in New York City, CFR President Richard Haass remarked that “he worked for the Council on Foreign Relations”.  V.P. Joe Biden, sitting right next to Haass, remarked, And I work for Richard.  (We’ve ALL seen the tape, and the photo of that event is at the top of this article).  This might have been one of the few times in Biden’s political career in which he told the TRUTH! 

How in the world did the CFR get to be this “power behind the throne” that it is TODAY?  It was a well planned and “quiet” process, of course.  Right before the end of WW11, in April of 1945, our Secretary of State, Edward Stettinius, went to Pratt House, headquarters of the CFR in New York City.  He said he had come to the CFR’s “inner sanctum” to “bear witness, as EVERY SECRETARY OF STATE during the past quarter of a century (had done) to the great services and influence of this organization in spreading knowledge and understanding of the issues of U.S. foreign policy”.  Sounds pretty noble and harmless, doesn’t it?  But EVERY U.S. Secretary of State since that April, 1945 visit by Stettinius, has done the same thing.  Interestingly, Secretary Stettinius and almost all of our subsequent Secretaries of State have been members of the CFR, at least until the Trump Administration.  And under Comrade President Biden, the CFR has regained control of our State Department, with CFR member Antony Blinken becoming the new head of the State Department, as well as scores of other CFR members being appointed by Biden (or those who CONTROL him) to many of the top posts in his cabinet.  Interesting, huh?

American patriots (which members of the CFR are NOT), might be shocked at just how many members of the Biden Administration are CFR members.  For example:

  • I.A. DIRECTOR: William J. Burns
  • SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: General Lloyd J. Austin 111
  • SECRETARY OF STATE: Antony J. Blinken
  • N. AMBASSADOR: Linda Thomas-Greenfield

And there are many more CFR members in less influential positions within the Biden Administration.  Several years ago the well known historian and presidential advisor, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. described the CFR as a “front organization for the heart of the American Establishment”.  A more ominous, but much more accurate description of the CFR came from author and journalist Richard Rovere (CFR member), who described that sinister club as follows:  “The directors of the CFR make up a sort of Presidium for that part of the Establishment that guides our destiny as a nation.”  As William Jasper observed: “Rovere’s choice of the word ‘Presidium’ was apropos.  He obviously was comparing it to the murderous, unelected and unaccountable gang of criminals that ran the Soviet Union and still runs communist dictatorships such as China and North Korea.  That such a body ‘guides our destiny as a nation’ should be a truly chilling thought for every American.”  Jasper also cogently reminded his readers that Rovere’s comments were “a compliment to his fellow CFR members, not as a condemnation, thus reinforcing the perception gained from decades of observing the CFR elite hobnobbing with the communist elite that the Pratt House princelings are far more comfortable with communist absolutism than with constitutionally limited government.”    Are you beginning to understand the scope of this conspiracy to END U.S. sovereignty and merge us into a “One World Government”---a “New World Order”?

For the first almost 100 years of its existence, the leadership of the CFR preferred to exist in semi-obscurity, known mainly to the powerful elite who had visions of ruling a world where they and their fellow plotters would rule as “Over Lords” over the rest of us peasants and serfs, who would do the bidding of our masters and be happy that they were our betters and our superiors.  Sort of like Plato’s “Republic”.  However, in the past 20 years or so, this den of vipers has come out more into the open.  Even its president, Richard Haass, and other CFR spokespeople, have appeared from time to time in our major media, posing as “above the fray” Wise Men who dispense their “wisdom” to we, the masses, on all sorts of topics.  Apparently their previous fear of inviting a severe public backlash by the American people has subsided.  But as William Jasper reminds us: “Their increased public visibility has not brought any genuine transparency, but for those with eyes to see and brains to reason, the past four years and the past few months have removed all doubt about the existence of the Deep State and its TYRANNICAL DESIGNS for our future.”

Consider this:  WHO provoked the endless attacks against President Trump and his family and his administration AND his supporters for four merciless years?  You know that these attacks, many of which are STILL occurring, come from both the liberal, collectivist media and the disgusting progressives of the Klan of New Bolsheviks and its fellow travelers, and also by the scurvy “neoconservatives” that infest the halls of Congress, and even from so-called “moderate” Republicans.  These are the groups and people who worship big government, who delight in the acquisition of power, and who despise the limitations on their power that our increasingly ignored constitution places on them.  If nothing else, these unwarranted attacks have awakened millions of Americans to the major realization that “there is a hostile power operating not only within the highest levels of “our” government but also within the top levels of institutional power throughout our society”, claims William Jasper. I believe him.  And that “hostile power” emanates directly from the Council on Foreign Relations!


NEXT TIME:  In Part 2 we’ll look at how the CFR has been attacking U.S. sovereignty for generations, how it has used the communist-controlled U.N. Organization to further its causes, and who in the main stream media has been aiding this treacherous organization.  PLUS***** A SUMMARY OF A PERSONAL INTERVIEW OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE CFR, RICHARD HAASS, WITH EVAN MULCH, EXECUTIVE CO-ORDINATOR FOR THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY FOR NORTH & SOUTH CAROLINA AND GEORGIA, IN WHICH HAASS DENIES EVERYTHING PRESENTED IN PARTS 1 & 2 OF THESE ARTICLES!

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