Last time we reviewed a bit of the hidden and treacherous history of the now  less secret organization known as The Council on Foreign Relations, founded in 1921 in New York City.  So why do I accuse this sinister “power behind the throne” of being treacherous, guilty of treason, and the proven enemy of our Constitutional Republic?  Well, let me tell you some of the anti-freedom, anti-Constitution programs and policies that the CFR has been promoting for many decades. I refer you to the great article by William Jasper in the June 7, 2021 issue of The New American magazine (from which I quote freely), for the details of the perfidy committed by this group of anti-Americans:

“The CFR is the main promoter of, and cheerleaders for:

  • Open borders
  • Unsustainable spending and taxing
  • Endless foreign aid
  • LGBTQ ‘diversity’
  • Racial polarization and discord
  • Election thievery
  • Gun confiscation/anti gun legislation
  • Feminization and politicization of our military
  • Fanatical environmentalism
  • Global warming/climate change hysteria
  • COVID panic and medical dictatorship
  • Trump Derangement Syndrome
  • Fake News
  • Big Tech censorship of social media
  • Oppressive regulation
  • Trade policies that constantly outsource our own industry and technology
  • Communistic cancel culture
  • Federal usurpation of state and local authority
  • Indoctrination of our children in immorality and Marxist ideology
  • And much more!”

Many of our younger Americans have never heard of the old “League of Nations”, the (thankfully) failed forerunner of the Marxist inspired and dominated United Nations Organization.  Members of the CFR were the original source –the founding architects-- of that failed League of Nations following WW1, and its members engineered the anti-American and communist-infested United Nations Organization after WW11 (in 1945), including today a virtually endless array of UN agencies (many of which are NOW run by Chinese communists) and other international organizations.  As William Jasper says, (The CFR has been) “the primary moving force behind virtually every destructive policy that has been undermining America on all fronts, while simultaneously aiding our enemies.  Through both Democrat and Republican administrations, the CFR’s members and minions have provided the leadership for the devastating programs and policies that are now dangerously close to extinguishing freedom as we know it and terminating our constitutional republic.” 

Have you ever asked yourself, over many years, WHY “our” government never seems to develop policies that really help protect America—keep our people safe—strengthen our businesses and industries—secure our borders---make government smaller, etc. etc. and so forth?  Why is it that “our” government never makes ‘mistakes’ in the American people’s favor?  NOW you know why! It has been planned that way! “Our” government isn’t really effectively controlled any longer by “WE THE PEOPLE”, and it hasn’t been for over 100 years!  Thanks to the scurvy lovers of collectivism, as exemplified by thousands of members of the CFR since 1921, and its ‘fellow travelers’ who have INFESTED all levels of the U.S. government for generations, the Constitutional Republic set up for us by our Founders in 1787 is no longer the government of the U.S.  Oh, we may still have the outward ‘forms’ of our erstwhile republic, but inside where it counts---in the hearts and minds and actions of those whom we have elected or appointed to run our nation—it is rotten to the core—hollowed out by treachery, perfidy, mendacity, greed, and a LUST FOR POWER!  And the members of BOTH political parties are EQUALLY GUILTY OF CAUSING THIS TO HAPPEN!  Let me say it again:  THE MEMBERS OF BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES ARE EQUALLY GUILTY—DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS!

Much has been discussed of late by the talking heads of the MSM and on the cable news shows, even in the print or digital press, of Comrade President Biden’s mental deterioration that is occurring right before the eyes of the American people.  (His mishandling and callous lack of concern for American citizens trapped in Afghanistan is ludicrous and surely is grounds for impeachment).  It’s obvious, and plain to see by unbiased citizens who are not purposely blinded by stupid party loyalty.  Many Americanists and patriots warned our nation before the 2020 elections of the mental ‘challenges’ that seemed to be confronting Biden, not even counting his well known and long time propensity to lie, to plagiarize, and to flirt with and kiss and fondle the hair of women and young girls.  (He’s been accused of rape, as we all know.)  Now pseudo-President Biden has surrounded  himself with the despicable globalists of the CFR, and it’s obvious that he already has relied, and will continue to rely, upon these anti-Americans to tell him what to do, what to think, and what anti-constitutional policies to pursue.  It is increasingly apparent to me, and it surely must be increasingly apparent to millions of concerned Americans, that Comrade Biden is NOT in charge of “our” government!

Unfortunately for the American people, Comrade Biden’s allegiance to the subversive agenda of the CFR has never been in doubt.  As William Jasper reminded  us: “While the CFR-dominated Fake News Media have continuously portrayed Biden as a moderate and a centrist, his votes, words, and actions during his 36 years in the U.S. Senate and his eight years as vice president under (Comrade) President Obama showed that he was one of their agents”.  And lest you think that our ‘main stream media’ is loyal and unbiased, let me inform you of how the CFR has penetrated some of what might be your favorite sources of “news”:


  • American Spectator: Editor-in-Chief R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr.
  • Associated Press: Board member Isaac Lee
  • The Atlantic: Chairman Laurene Jobs, CEO Nicholas Thompson
  • Bloomberg L.P.: Founder & President Michael Bloomberg, Chief Executive of Bloomberg Media Justin Smith
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting: Chairman Bruce Ramer and several others
  • The Daily Beast: Columnist Jonathan Alter
  • Forbes: Chief Content Officer Randall Lane
  • Fox Corp (Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Nation): Rupert Murdoch (not currently listed as a member of CFR but was for many years); Board member Paul Ryan (former Speaker of the U.S. House), Maria Bartiromo, Newt Gingrich, Mara Liasson, Judith Miller, Deroy Murdock, Jessica Tarlov, and several others
  • National Review: Member Board of Directors John Hillen
  • NBC Universal News Group: Chairman Cesar Conde, NBC: Special Correspondent Tom Brokaw, Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel, Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell, Health Policy Analyst Vin Gupta, M.D.; MSNBC: Morning Joe Co-hosts Mika Brzezinski (whose father was a long-time member of the CFR) and her husband, Joe Scarborough, and several more
  • News Corp: Founder and Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch (not currently listed as a CFR member but was for many years), Chief Executive Robert Thomson, Member Board of Directors James R. Murdoch
  • Wall Street Journal: Senior Editor Warren Bass, Executive Washington Editor Jerry Seib, National Security Correspondent Michael Gordon, Global View Columnist Walter Mead.
  • The New York Times Co.: Managing Editor Joseph Kahn, plus eleven other correspondents and columnists and bureau chiefs
  • S. News & World Report: Publisher & Editor Mortimer Zuckerman, Executive Chairman Eric Gertier
  • The Washington Post: several editors and contributors.

There are many more entities that are controlled or dominated by members of the CFR.  Perhaps you’re pondering, as I have for a very long time, just exactly WHY does it not seem to be “news worthy” or even a cause for concern (except for constitutional ‘extremists’ like me and millions of other Americans)  that  this very powerful and, until recent years almost unknown, secret “club” has fastened a basic  monopoly on running the government of the U.S. on Americans?  WHY?  Well, if you look again at the above list of influence disseminators who are controlled by the CFR, you can begin to appreciate how this group, with a very exclusive roster of a little over 5,000 members, seems to serve as a virtual ‘revolving door’ job service that has rotated its members into and out of government service, and into plumb and profitable jobs in the corporate, media, academic, philanthropic, and think-tank worlds (and then later back into government). 

Who are some of these wealthy and powerful individuals who love to play “god” with the lives of the meek and lowly serfs they seek to control?  The late David Rockefeller was a CFR member and ran it for many years.  Billionaire David M. Rubenstein is the current Chairman of the CFR, while also being the co-founder and co-executive chairman of the Carlyle Group.  He also is a member of the board of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM, that sinister and subversive group headed by globalist Klaus Schwab, who it pushing for a ‘GREAT RESET’ of all of humanity.  Among other CFR luminaries who sit on the board of the WEF are Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of Salesforce, and Laurence D. Fink, chairman of Blackrock, the company that is buying up entire neighborhoods all over this nation in order to  control where people live, as per the goals of the communist United Nations Agenda 2030.  There are MANY others, including Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Dick Cheny (former VPOTUS), Condoleeza Rice (former U.S. Secretary of State), Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and far more than I can list.  (I have their membership role—at least their admitted membership). 

And the list of supposedly “American” corporations who are corporate members of the CFR would shock even the most politically callous among us, because they include AT&T, Exxon-Mobile, Facebook, many large banking organizations, Pepsico, Dell Technologies, Mastercard, PAY PAL, international oil companies, BASF, Boing Co., Estee Lauder Co., John Deere, FedEx, Johnson & Johnson, Hitachi, Lockheed Martin, Merk, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Northrup Grumman, Pfizer, Stanley Black & Decker, Toyota, United Airlines, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, WALMART, Wells Fargo, and Western Union, among many others.

Besides the power and control exercised by the CFR here in the U.S., its influence goes far off shore.  This subversive group has a counterpart in England, a related group called the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), which is also known as “Chatham House”, and that traces is origins back to the years right after WW1.  Recently the CFR has launched the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), and even an entity called the Council of Councils (CoC), which strives to amalgamate CFR affiliate organizations from 24 countries, including Russia and China.  Isn’t it sad and frustrating that any time an Americanist or a constitutional patriot tries to alert his fellow citizens regarding the subversive and treacherous influence wielded by the CFR, its members/supporters/collaborators launch the ever useful “conspiracy theory” defense, by which they attack and attempt to render as non-credible any patriot trying to shine the light of truth on these real conspirators? 

As William Jasper has so succinctly informed us: “On February 17, 1950, Wall Street banker James P. Warburg, an advisor to Franklin Roosevelt, told a U.S. Senate Committee:  ‘We shall have world government whether or not we like it….by consent or by conquest.’ He was in favor of it and did all in his power to advance it.  He was also a member of the CFR, as was his father, Paul Warburg, known as the ‘father’ of the Federal Reserve System…. With the COVID and climate-change ‘crises’, the CFR and its globalist allies are pushing the GREAT RESET to wipe out the middle classes all over the world to concentrate all power—political and economic—in their hands.”

That sounds “far fetched” and hard to believe, doesn’t it?  That there could be people of vast wealth and power who seek to obliterate the progress toward free and open and constitutional government that has characterized much of Western Civilization for centuries is a bitter pill to swallow.  But these people and these groups DO exist, and  it is that bitter pill that these enemies of freedom—these enemies of God and servants of Satan—are trying even now to force us to swallow.  Well, my fellow Americans, all I can advise is to RESIST THEM in every peaceful, honorable, and intelligent way you can, for if we don’t resolve to resist these people who have convinced themselves that they are our masters while we can still peacefully do so, the time will come, sooner rather than later, that we may have to resist them with non-peaceful means.  That choice, I fear, may be almost upon us.  I hope and pray that I am wrong!

AUTHOR’S ADDENDUM:  After completing parts 1 & 2 of these articles on the CFR, I discovered in the July 19, 2021 issue of The New American magazine a report of an interview with the president of the CFR, Richard Haass, by Evan Mulch, Executive Field Coordinator of the John Birch Society for North & South Carolina, and Georgia.  Evan is MY “upline” in the JBS.  Here are the pertinent portions of that interview in TNA: 

“Richard Haass, the president of a leading globalist entity, the Council on Foreign Relations, was asked by John Birch Society Field Coordinator Evan Mulch to respond to the assertion that ‘some would say the CFR has been made up of architects of the New World Order, especially since the founder of the CFR was Edward Mandell House (President Woodrow Wilson’s political ‘mentor’ and alter ego), a man who was very proud of his plan to convert America into a one-world socialist state or a socialist state under the one-world order’.  In response, Haass claimed that the CFR does not have institutional positions on issues, and that he personally thought sovereignty has historically been a good thing that has led countries to respect borders and has given leeway to countries to govern the way they want within their borders.

“The evidence that Haass is lying is legion---that the CFR really does want an essentially borderless world run by global government, which will harm people by the hundreds of millions…. The CFR has been a strong backer of an essentially borderless European Union…. The CFR is pro-abortion, labeling it a human right, and Haass laments in an article entitled ‘Europe in Disarray’ that countries are actually doing what they want to do, not what the CFR wants…. Haass also regularly advocates ‘global governance’ as is reflected in the video entitled ‘The State of Global Governance—A Conversation With Richard Haass and the Council of Councils’.  ‘It is self-evident’, he said, ‘that real global governance requires global government, otherwise, one merely has a global suggestion box.’  Other notable CFR members have been matter-of-fact that globalists want to rule us, not advise us.”

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