Christians are under attack across the globe. Muslims are killing Christians by the thousands, and our national leadership is barely taking notice of the atrocities. There is little indication the Christian churches in the Bible Belt are paying much attention or doing anything to help defend the victims. Franklin Graham made some public statements and was scoffed at by the dominant media and Bill O’Riley attempted to discredit his statements.

Not many years ago Greenville, South Carolina, was known by some as the “Buckle of the Bible Belt.” Sadly, our Christian community is not what it used to be. There are more churches than ever before. The churches are larger than ever before, however, the Christian influence in the community has diminished to almost zero.

The doctrines of Darwinism, Humanism, Multiculturalism, Socialism and political correctness have invaded some of the churches. Intimidation by agencies of the Federal Government has frightened church leaders and made them fearful of speaking outside the walls of their buildings.

Some church leaders are accepting money to do the work of enemies of our Constitution and our Savior. Christians of all denominations are becoming fearful of taking a public stand for their Creator or Biblical teachings.

Last week the Greenville County Council held a public hearing on a referendum to sell alcohol on Sunday. A restaurant operator has been lobbying Council for the referendum for months. The Council first voted the proposal by Councilman Jim Burns down. At almost every meeting after that, the restaurant operator accused them of bringing their Christian beliefs into county business. He and one other person spoke in favor of the alcohol on Sunday referendum and no one came forward to speak in opposition. The Council reversed their vote and approved the alcohol on Sunday referendum on a voice vote.

R. H. Patterson opposed the alcohol lobby at County Council and Legislative Delegation meetings until a few days before his death. Patterson was a legendary opponent of liquor stores near churches and schools.  He had photographs of himself speaking before the Southern Baptist Convention and receiving awards from Governors and Church leaders. Two days before his death, he called me from his hospital bed. His voice was very weak, and I could barely understand the words: “We need to get something in The Times Examiner about alcohol problems this week,” he said. It was our last conversation.

Mr. Patterson could never understand why elected officials would not act to curb alcohol sales and abuse when they knew that much of the crime and most automobile fatalities and injuries are alcohol related.

South Carolina has a law prohibiting open containers in motor vehicles, yet they license stores that sell gasoline to sell cold beer.

Even after he was unable to drive, Patterson would hire someone to take him to Columbia to testify in opposition to a liquor license near a church or school. He said that not too many years ago, “I could get bus loads of Christians to go to Columbia to oppose a liquor license. Now, I can’t get even one pastor or deacon to go with me.”

Now there is an Atheist wanting to say something in lieu of a prayer at Greenville County Council meetings. Will the Council stand firm in opposition of this or, sensing a lack of support from the Christian church, will they give in to threats?

The President of the United States is becoming increasingly hostile toward Christians and is voicing his disrespect for Christianity, while openly and aggressively promoting Islam.

We are in the midst of global spiritual warfare. The stage is being set for the final battle in that war that will be between Israel and her enemies. During this critical period in history, American Christians must become informed, get involved and head off a blood-bath in this country like that taking place in Africa and elsewhere. I don’t believe God will bless a nation that has turned its back on Him.

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Mike Scruggs