The recent rampage at the US Capitol has been repeatedly condemned by President Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress. Pray for the families of those that were killed and injured at the Capitol. The Democrat Party is politicizing this incident to their advantage. Kamala Harris, last summer during the violent Marxist riots said of them, "They're not going to stop before the Election Day in November, and they're not going to stop after Election Day." She also said that "they're not going to let up and they should not and we should not." Harris is a Marxist political, revolutionary pinhead! Her brain resides in her gluteus maximus. She raised money to bail out of jail BLM and Antifa members, which made it possible for them to commit more looting, burning, and killing.

The crazy racist from California, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, told a group of her Marxist supporters that if they see any Trump Administration officials at a restaurant, grocery store, or gas station, get in their faces. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tried on different occasions to justify the mayhem that BLM and Antifa caused in several large cities. Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts has called for unrest on the streets of America. These four political hags are the ones who need to be impeached for legitimatizing and inciting violence.

The worst part of this whole political charade of impeachment against Trump is that we have cowardly Republicans in the House and Senate going along with the Democrats. They are acting like trained political dogs, groveling at the feet of Pelosi. We say to these Republicans: stand upon your feet, grow a backbone, and stop eating at the political slop trough of the Democrat Party!

President Donald Trump's speech at the rally did not cause the violence at the US Capitol, but it appears that this action had already been planned. This unjust impeachment may bring more violence. There has been and continues to be a huge double standard, which gives Democrats an escape route, but on the other hand, it swiftly condemns Republicans. In part, this may be what is spawning the violence because they see no just results in the future for their grievances.

The Democrats in Congress are trying to politically tar and feather Trump so bad, that he will never again be a viable candidate for office. The RINOs in Congress want Trump and his movement to go away and not be able to return to political power; so they can again become the overlords of the Republican Party. We have news for both parties: the rank and file Trump coalition is here to stay.

Recently there was an op-ed in Forbes Magazine that said, "Companies should not hire former Trump Administration officials." This is Marxist blackballing of those who have different political views with them. This is to coerce them to fall in line with Marxist ideologies.

Joe Biden called Trump supporters chumps, thugs, white supremacists, anti-Semitic, and insurrectionists. We never heard him say similar words about the BLM and Antifa's destructive and deadly riots that they have been involved in. The kind of unity Biden wants is total submission to Marxism or be destroyed.

A New York Times columnist said, "Millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans need reprogram." Also, a PBS attorney said that children of Trump supporters need to be taken away from their parents to attend reeducation camps. The Marxists are publicly introducing and they want to invoke the Russia, China, and North Korea Communist model of conversion to Marxism through strong-arm oppression and propaganda.

These Marxist lunatics have missed one very important thing, and that is the will of the American people, who love this country, will not allow this to happen.

The reasons they hate Trump so much is because he was able to bring America back to the reality of God, family, and country. He rekindled old fashion, flag-waving American patriotism in the hearts of Americans. Trump called out the enemies of freedom in the halls of Congress, the business world, sports circles, and the public educational system. He secured our borders, rebuilt the military, rejuvenated our economy, supported law enforcement, and stood up to foreign leaders to keep America first. We are proud to be Trump supporters. President Trump, thank you for putting America first, and we hope to see you in 2024 in your run for president.

One day, history will recall that on January 20, 2021, two of the most incompetent Marxist buffoons entered the White House. Illegitimate President-elect Joe Biden with his half-baked Marxist brain will need to resuscitate it every day. Kamala Harris, who has a dark history of being a very immoral woman for political gain, has already disgraced the office of the Vice President. These two Marxist fools along with their Capitol Hill Socialist henchmen plan to fundamentally change America through Communist legislative mandates that will destroy the very foundation of our republic. We the people will stand against them every step of the way and we will defeat their plans.

The Bible says in Psalm 11:3, "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

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