During the Marxist riots, a leftist, deranged news reporter called these episodes "peaceful demonstrations" with burning buildings in the background. The daily, leftist news cycle referred to the BLM and Antifa Marxist rioters as "peaceful demonstrators" who were exercising their First Amendment rights. These Marxist revolutionaries looted, burned, assaulted, confiscated public and private property, and killed and severely wounded police officers and our fellow citizens.

During this time, Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, and the Democrat Marxist Party treated BLM and Antifa as their guardian angels. These Marxist anarchists are not guardian angels, but they are hell's devils. Members of Biden's campaign staff contributed money to a Marxist organization that bailed out these Marxist law-breakers when they were arrested.

In some of the locations this mayhem took place by these Cuban-style revolutionaries, leftist judges set them free from jail to continue their destructive rampage. These BLM and Antifa Marxist seditionaries are still free to commit more crimes against our country.

Now Democrats talk to us about what happened on Capitol Hill in Washington DC with some of the Trump supporters. The Democrats call the Marxist rioters "peaceful demonstrators", but we call these Trump supporters freedom fighters.

During the US Capitol incident, two people were killed. It is a sad and unfortunate situation. The Marxist jackasses Schumer and Pelosi pour political gasoline on it. They strongly suggested that Vice-President Pence and Trump's cabinet members invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office. (By the way, Pelosi can take the impeachment papers she is preparing against Trump to the bathroom, and use them as toilet paper. Nancy, save a little bit of that toilet paper for Biden and Schumer to use.) Then Biden in his political, childish speech launched another political flame-thrower attack against Trump and his supporters by calling them “domestic terrorists.” This is only a small version of the politics of destruction that conservatives can expect for the next four years.

It wasn't Trump's speech that incited a small percentage of his supporters at the rally to go on the rampage at the US Capitol. Rather it was four years of continuous attacks by the leftist media mob and the Marxist political Democrat machine against Trump and his supporters. The stolen election in November lit the fuse that caused the political explosion at the US Capitol.

If these Marxist Democrat Utopia dreamers keep up their vicious, political attacks against the constitutional liberties of Americans, it may unfortunately result in the same kind of episode that recently happened on Capitol Hill. Then they can only blame themselves.

Republicans in our US Congress must not start capitulating to the Marxist thugs on Capitol Hill. Americans will not give up their hard-fought-for liberties. Our forefathers sacrificed everything to give them to us. The fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence were freedom fighters, and they paid a great price for our liberties. Five of them were arrested by the British as traitors. Twelve had their homes destroyed through looting and burning them by the enemies of freedom; seventeen lost their entire wealth; two of them lost their sons in the Continental Army. Nine of these brave signers died during the Revolutionary War.

The big tech owners of Twitter and Facebook are low down Marxist scumbags, who have viciously attacked our President of the United States. They did this by permanently shutting down his personal, presidential, and campaign accounts with them.

They are doing this because President Trump took them on in trying to eliminate Section 230 and stop them from discriminating against the conservatives' free speech rights. To the conservatives that use Twitter and Facebook: you may want to close your accounts and go with the conservative, free-speech advocate, social media Parler (parler.com). The Marxist tech companies have been threatening to shut down Parler.

These same tech companies are bowing down and worshiping at the altar of their master: the Democrat Party.

We will never submit, give up, or stop standing against the Marxists in our country.

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