Our country is suffering from political stagnation because of decades-old entrenched politicians on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. who believe it is government of them, by them, and for them. The political elites have become addicted to position, influence, and power. They almost have to die, and some have while holding public office, before they can be removed from office. Therefore, the percentage is high for political corruption and a Marxist dictatorship to be established.

Many of those who were elected as conservative Republicans to congress over the years came as determined, enthusiastic, political fighters against wasteful government spending, abortion, Federal encroachment of individual and states' rights, and entrenched political power and corruption. Some of them have given up the fight and have adopted the Benedict Arnold RINO political philosophy of not making political waves and just going along with the status quo. We say, flush out the old RINO political manure from the halls of Congress.

Senate Minority Leader Mitchell McConnell said Trump’s actions were, “unconscionable” but the trial was “unconstitutional.” He also said that he committed, “A disgraceful dereliction of duty” by his activities before the rampage at the Capitol and was, “Practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of that day.” McConnell is the chief RINO and has become a great obstacle instead of a benefit to the conservative movement in America.

President Donald Trump, Judge Roy Moore, and newly elected Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene have become the sacrificial lambs on the altar of political expediency. The reason is that they dared to speak out and take action against the corrupted swamp creatures in Washington D.C.

We need more grassroots Republicans to offer themselves for public office as Greene did in Georgia. The Washington Republican establishment fear this happening because they will lose their control on the party. This is one of the ways to break the RINO political stranglehold on Republican politics. Many Americans would trust Jesse and Frank James of the “Old West” more than they trust the RINOs on Capitol Hill.

Term limits would politically help eliminate entrenched political corruption, by those who have been in office for many years. Some of these politicians have become brought and paid for political cronies that are controlled by special interest groups.

There is already a two four-year term limitation on the office of the President. There should be term-limits for the U.S. Senate and House members: two six-year terms for Senators and four two-year terms for House Representatives. The result would be an influence to do the people's business instead of the usual waste of time and money on the politics of destruction. Those that are elected to Congress would realize that their time on the Hill is limited to do what they came there to do for those that elected them.

President Trump recently said that he is going to help rebuild the Republican party. Also, he is going to be greatly involved in the 2022 midterm elections. The RINOs on Capitol Hill made a pretense of fighting for Trump, but they were glad to see him leave the White House. Trump is the celebrated peoples' president who kept his campaign promises. He fought the Democrats and the Republican establishment for the American people. The Al Capone gangster-style politicians are afraid of Trump running again for President. We hope he again runs for President in 2024. We will be with Trump and we will win!

If Rush Limbaugh could speak to you today, he would say, the greatest thing you could do is accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. The Bible says in Romans 10:13, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

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