American freedom is under vicious attack from the Marxist political scumbags. Their main goal is to destroy our God-given Republic that is built upon our Constitution and replace it with a Marxist dictatorship. We are seeing this rapidly taking place before our very eyes. This is a cultural war we cannot afford to lose! Our forefathers greatly suffered at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, and many of them died on the battlefield to give us our blood-soaked liberty. We must not take our American history for granted.

The Democrats are baby-killing and sodomite-supporting politicians who have no moral compass to guide them. They intend to sell our country upon the world auction block of appeasement to our sworn foreign enemies. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain of England tried this with Adolf Hitler and history has recorded the disastrous result of it. Unfortunately, our enemies only respect a country that is willing to use force to keep itself free.

There is an attempt by organized anti-American forces to destroy our country from within. The Communists understand that they cannot defeat America’s superior military forces, so they have chosen to attack us internally. The Democrat party has willingly become the instrument of destruction to carry out the Communist plan of subversion in this country against our Republic’s patriotic foundation. If we do not fight to keep our freedom today, then start weeping for your grandchildren’s future. They will not be able to experience what a free America is all about.

A friend of mine called me recently and gave me an eye-witness account of what happened at the January 6th rally in Washington D.C. He and a friend of his from Maryland attended the rally. I met him twenty years ago on Capitol Hill while doing the work of the ministry. He worked for the FBI for four years, then he served as a Capitol Hill police officer for another thirty-four years before retiring. He is now a licensed private investigator in the state of Maryland.

He related to me that he listened to President Donald Trump’s entire speech at the rally and there was absolutely nothing in his speech that incited what occurred that day at the U.S. Capitol. Also, he said, that there was not anything in the speeches of the other speakers that would have incited lawlessness. He estimated the Trump supporters there to be about eight hundred thousand to one million people. He said he and his friend did not go to Capitol Hill to protest, but they immediately left after the rally ended. The question remains, did the Marxist media mob and the Communist Democrat political machine incite this attack?

There are about thirty Capitol Hill police officers who are under internal investigation of being sympathizers with the protesters at the Capitol on January 6th. Also, there is a standing order to weed out any domestic extremists from the military ranks. This is exactly what it looks like, and that is a Marxist purge of law enforcement and the military. They are doing this in preparation for a planned Marxist takeover of our government. This action is meant to eliminate opposition to their plan.

The phrase, “domestic extremists” can be defined by them to include anyone who opposes them and their Marxist policies. They can use this Marxist-created phrase of “domestic extremists” if they want to because it perfectly fits them and their activities! Also, their term of “domestic extremists” would make a good label for a new brand of toilet paper. We would buy and use a lot of it. The Marxists understand that they must put fear into people to stop them from speaking out before they can subdue them.

H.R.350 is a domestic terrorist bill that is a measure to target those who disagree with the Marxist agenda. H.R.127 is a gun confiscation measure that is designed to take away the power of the Second Amendment. H.R.1 is a bill that will eliminate open and fair elections in this country. These congressional measures are specifically designed to target our constitutional liberties and try to coerce conservatives to conform to the Marxist politically correct agenda. The Marxist supporters of these Communist measures need to undergo psychological tests for even introducing such anti-American and unconstitutional trash! There is an appropriate activity called civil disobedience, and we the people need to start practicing it regarding the unconstitutional activities of the Democrats in Congress.

Let us be honest and truthful with ourselves about the situation in America today. We cannot allow fear to stop us from speaking the truth in public, or we will quickly lose our country. If our Founding Fathers were alive today and would see the Marxist insurrection taking place against our Republic, they would be appalled. As they would view the great assault on our constitutional freedoms of the First, Second, and Tenth Amendments, and the ruthless slaughter of tens of millions of unborn babies, would they boldly utter three famous sincere words of “lock and load”?!

The prospective U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has already loudly stated that he is going to hunt down white supremacists and enforce Joe Biden's anti-gun policies. What this means is that he is going to prosecute conservative white people who carry guns. We have heard nothing from Garland about enforcing the law against the Marxist black renegades of BLM and the anarchists of Antifa. If Garland wants to be Biden’s political puppet, then it would be better for him to join a puppet show instead of pretending to want to be the Attorney General.

Newly elected Congresswoman Lauren Boebert from Colorado is being attacked by the Democrats and the Marxist media mob for being a pistol-packing patriot. She is legally carrying her gun around the Capitol complex. One of the Democrat lawmakers on Capitol Hill publicly expressed great drummed-up fear about Boebert and her gun. This thumb-sucking Democrat Marxist propagandist needs to go home, and then take a baby aspirin and lie down for his nervous breakdown nap over this.

We got news for all Marxist insurrectionists: you will not conquer America. Don’t apologize for speaking the truth, because it is a sign of weakness of conviction to the enemies of freedom. Keep the faith and keep looking up!

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