Joe (Ahab) Biden and Kamala (Jezebel) Harris are more dangerous to our national security than either Russia or China. The reason is that they are systematically destroying America’s financial, moral, and cultural foundations with the help of their Marxist troops.

First of all, this new 1.9 trillion-dollar Covid relief measure in Congress, which is wholeheartedly backed by Biden, is fiscally irresponsible and it could later become a hangman's noose around our nation’s financial neck. This Covid relief bill has more Porky the Pig (oink, oink, oink[!]) in it than actual help for the American people. The Covid relief checks the people need is the opportunity to open up their businesses, get back to work, and open the schools for children to once again attend.

The bloody Communist regime of China holds a lot of America’s debt through previous loans extended by it. There also are some other countries that have given our country loans. This puts America into financial bondage to these countries.

What if China decides to immediately demand payment on America’s loans? Our country has become a prisoner of the cold war with China by the debt we owe it. None of us could remain financially solvent if wemanaged our homes like the crazy Washington politicians are financially running our country. Ronald Reagan said, “To say Congress is spending like drunken sailors is an insult to drunken sailors.”

In every country the Marxists plan to conquer, they viciously attack its moral foundations. The fallen morals of many members of Congress are partly the reason why America is in such deplorable condition that it is today. The Democrats are targeting three specific areas of our moral foundation: faith, family, and freedom. The Democrat Party has become the devil's advocate in promoting a godless society in our country under the guise of social justice.

The Equality Act that is now being pushed by the Democrats in Congress will allow boys who believe that they are in a girl’s body to participate in girls' sports. Also, under this bill, they will be permitted to use the girls’ locker rooms. Anyone in Congress that would vote for this evil trash is a sick pup and needs to be put in a mental institution. This is nothing but wicked, demonic perversion!

The congressional gang of immoral cutthroats that are promoting this lewd garbage are U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck (crybaby) Schumer, House Speaker Nancy (facelift) Pelosi, House Majority Leader Steny (Frankenstein) Hoyer, and Majority Whip James (race-baiter) Clyburn. These decades-old, entrenched political leeches have supported and strongly promoted legislation that has caused the moral decline of America. All four of these individuals claim to be Christians, which would be as true as Adolf Hitler claiming to be a friend of the Jews. No one can truly be a born-again Christian that supports this type of wicked legislation. The hottest place in the eternal fire of hell will be reserved for them if they do not repent of their ungodly deeds and accept Christ as their Saviour.

They believe that they are angels of light when in reality they are agents of satanic darkness. We would not want to be in their shoes when they meet God one day!

The truth is considered domestic extremism if it does not support the destructive force of the Marxist cancel culture movement. Amazon canceled the documentary film of conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from its streaming service. This film didn’t present the Marxist racist narrative against white people, and it didn’t portray black people as being under such great disadvantage that they could not rise above their situation as Thomas did. Therefore, Amazon didn’t want to promote the truth that black people can achieve their goals without government handouts.

Also, the author Bryan T. Anderson’s book entitled, “When Harry Became Sally” was removed by Amazon. This book exposes the great danger and evil of the transgender movement. It appears Amazon fears the truth in this book and the backlash that would come from the Marxists.

The invasion by illegal immigrants into our country is caused by Biden's invitation. It has already created a crisis at our southwest border. Biden’s Marxist immigration policy is open borders. He has obeyed his handlers and shut down the construction on the border wall, and has renewed the dangerous practice of “catch and release” of illegals. This will put the American people in harm’s way. Already at our southwest border, over a hundred Covid-19 cases have been diagnosed among illegals. The question is how many hundreds of more Covid-19 cases have not been discovered among the illegals? These illegals are free to go anywhere in our country and will most certainly infect many Americans with diseases in their travels. Also, they will be polluting our communities with violence. Many of these illegals are rapists, robbers, drug cartel members, and terrorists.

We cannot stand idly by and allow Biden and his Marxist cohorts to put Americans in danger. There is a local solution to protect our southwest border and communities from this invasion by illegals. The county sheriffs along the southwest border and in the various states should start deputizing armed, volunteer private citizens to patrol and keep law and order on the southwest border and in our towns. The county sheriffs have the legal right and the authority to take this action to keep the public safe. We need more sheriffs, like Wild Earp of the “Old West” and former Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona, who are not fearful to enforce the law to keep the American people safe.

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