So we’re told endlessly that the Covid-19 vaccine is amazing and safe and perfect, but somehow I’m able to get a new nurse on this show every single day with new horror stories about what’s happening in our nation’s hospitals. Really weird how they disagree with Saint Fauci. 

Megan is a nurse in Minnesota. She has 15 years of experience, and she says the hospital she works in is falling apart. COVID patients are being treated with Remdesivir and stuck on ventilators, and it’s killing them. 

She says the new monoclonal antibody treatment is working on patients, but her hospital won’t prescribe it because they can’t bill people for it. If you can’t cash in, may as well let people die it turns out.

Everywhere she looks, she sees lies. There’s the lie that ICUs are packed full of unvaxxed patients. In reality, she says nothing could be further from the truth, and in many cases, the unvaxxed patients are sick after getting the disease from vaccinated family members. And the ICUs aren’t full. They have lots of empty beds, but can’t take more patients because the real shortage is in nurses. It’s like the whole crisis is engineered to intentionally collapse the health care system, Megan is extremely distraught over this whole thing, she’s done a LOT of praying about it and she’s been given the courage to come forward and she joined Stew to discuss.

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