The Last Domino in the Neo-Marxist Subversion of America

Obama Biden and Pelosi 1800Critical Race Theory (CRT) is social justice gone mad. Calling it a theory is highly deceptive. It is a Neo-Marxist toolset for destroying the social, moral, and cultural fabrics of civilization. It is a tool of division to weaken and confuse peoples and nations in order to destroy and enslave them.  CRT already dominates much of academia, the media, huge corporate monopolies, and deep-state Federal bureaucracy. The final step needed for complete control of American culture and political power is CRT dominance in the military, which had always been a comparatively conservative bulwark of American traditions.

On October 5, 2016, during the last months of his second presidential term, President Barack Obama issued a memorandum promoting diversity and inclusion in the national security workforce.  This may have seemed a natural necessity for a diverse nation, but it was the clandestine seed that quickly bloomed into the woke military insanity of the Biden Administration in early 2021, making identity politics, diversity quotas, and heavy-handed political indoctrination the heart and first priority mission of the Armed Forces. It is also a convenient and powerful system for the purge of traditional conservatives from the military beginning with recruitment and extending to training, discipline, and promotions. Much of this agenda had been unofficially progressing but less visibly during the entire Obama Administration beginning in 2009.

In early January 2017, just days before President Trump’s inauguration, the Obama Administration issued a directive for mandatory “implicit bias” training for all senior military and civilian Defense Department leaders. Military chaplains protested this as infringing on religious freedom, and it was quickly ended by President Trump. However, the woke poison was still circulating among Obama-promoted senior military officers, and Biden immediately restored and escalated full-scale implementation.

The modern CRT movement began in 1989, boosted by Harvard professor Derek Bell, but it was simply a race-issue focused version of Karl Marx’s 19th Century plan to defeat capitalism and Christianity and make Marxist centralized totalitarian government dominant around the world.   It was further based on the social dominance theory of Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937), which devised a strategy for advancing Communism through every facet of culture with the final objective of achieving total power. The Frankfurt School in Germany continued to advance and perfect this “Critical Theory” and brought it to the United States following World War II. Beginning with Columbia University, it spread across the U.S. primarily by university professors and writers.  Two of the most influential in the United States were Herbert Marcuse and Eric Fromm.      

CRT divides people into privileged oppressors protected by “systemic” long-term racism versus the down-trodden and disadvantaged oppressed for whom significant upward mobility is blocked by long-term “systemic racism.” The oppressor class is almost always white and unaware and not easily teachable about their “original sin,” for which they can never be completely forgiven. Only revolution can rescue the downtrodden and demand reparations for white racist sin.  CRT and its cancel culture and attacks on free speech manifest an unforgiveness culture. This unforgiveness culture yields its deadly fruits of hatred, distorted reason, and moral and intellectual blindness.

CRT’s three teaching principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion are breath-taking distortions of the traditional Judeo-Christian, Western, and American meaning and understanding of social justice, diversity, equality, fairness, tolerance, and common sense.  CRT is blatantly anti-white and anti-Christian. It degrades the importance of traditional families and family values. It also embraces the anti-male credo of extreme feminists and promotes LGBT ideology and gender confusion. It is anti-merit, and of course, anti-capitalist. It is essentially true racism in the most extreme form imaginable.  Its primary methods are intimidation, bullying, slander, and social and economic exclusion (cultural cancelling). 

Our Armed Forces are already in the process of being destroyed by CRT and its perverse version of social justice. Hundreds of protest and whistleblower letters are coming into Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) and other conservatives on the Senate Armed Forces Committee. Traditional conservatives, many of whom are our most capable and highly motivated military personnel, are being pushed out of the Armed Services, and many more will soon be leaving because they can no longer anticipate fair treatment and promotions.  CRT’s well documented anti-white and anti-conservative politics and deemphasis of merit and abilities are likely to empty the Armed Forces of many dedicated patriots. Moreover, potential recruits will also have to weigh the risk of personal defamation or career damage by radical and unjust CRT-based discipline and discrimination.  Such policies have a high probability of degrading personnel standards, military morale, and technical and combat capabilities to mere eyewash and ruinous levels of military usefulness.

Physical fitness standards have already been dramatically reduced. According to Senator Cotton’s questioning of Army Secretary Christine Wormuth on May 22, the Army infantry physical fitness standard for pushups has been lowered to ten (10)! This sharp drop was to accommodate unrealistic political correctness. The bigger question for an increasingly high-tech military world would be lowering mental standards. Yet this is inevitable given CRT ideology. The demography of the military could also change dramatically within a few years. A CRT recruited and trained woke military would be useless against the tough-minded realism of our most formidable enemies. A radical politicized military could also be a serious threat to our Constitutional political system and freedoms. [Presuming woke military units could be effective even at unlawful political mischief.]  

Military preparedness and readiness to defend the United States and its interests, including if necessary, fighting and winning wars, had been the core mission of the Armed Forces until the Obama and now the Obama/Biden Administration made woke diversity, with its perverted concepts of equity quotas, and cancel-culture inclusiveness, the principal core mission of the Armed Forces.  

Our military preparedness and readiness are bound to suffer. The Obama/Biden Administration will certainly cover up and deny this degradation of national security. The success and quality of military recruitment and retention may become a highly guarded secret. If so, you can be sure there is significant cause for alarm. Getting information will be harder, and that is a sure sign the data is not favorable.

Daniel Greenfield has uncovered and published some alarming Air Force readiness statistics in his 2022 short booklet, How Obama and Biden Destroyed the Greatest Military the World Has Ever Seen.  The USAF is supposed to have mission capable rates of 75 to 80 percent.  This tumbled to 70 percent in 2021, and unmanned drones helped keep the average that high. Every USAF fighter/attack aircraft except the A-10 Warthog failed to get 75 percent. The fifth-generation pride of the Air Force, the F-35, dropped from 76 percent to 68.8 percent. The F-22 stealth fighter has a readiness rate of only about 50 percent. The workhorse F-15E fighter dropped from 69 to 66 percent. The F-15C is just below 70 percent. The “old reliable” C-130 Hercules backbone of transport operations dropped below 70 percent. The B-1 Lancer fell from 50 to 40 percent. The Vietnam era UH-1N Huey was the only aircraft meeting all mission capable goals. However, Secretary of Defense and former Army General Lloyd Austin has decided to drop the 75 to 80 percent readiness expectation and take a more “holistic” view of readiness. In plain language, that means personnel diversity, “equity” (quotas), and inclusiveness are truly our top military priorities.  The 2021 decline in readiness is probably only the beginning of our national security tailspin under CRT.

CRT has a lot in common with Biden’s energy policy. It destroys our present capabilities trying to reach future goals that are both questionable and unrealistic.

We have highly capable potential enemies, and even now the U.S. is fighting a proxy war against the Russian Federation in Ukraine, and the People’s Republic of China is threating Taiwan and peace in the Pacific. The Iranians must be getting near to nuclear warheads, which would be an immense threat to Israel and indeed the entire Middle East, the United States, and our allies.  North Korea is perennially threatening. Even Turkey is looking more like the former Ottoman Empire and threatening Syria, Iraq, the Kurds, Cyprus, and Greece. It is no time for Armed Forces Chief of staff Mark Milley to be chasing white supremacist phantoms and virtue signaling about “white rage.” It is no time to worry soldiers and sailors about proper pronouns approved by woke policy. CRT is a madness that is destroying our military with self-evident falsehoods and confusion.

“Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.” We can already see it in CRT and the incredibly stupid economic, energy, foreign policy, and national security policies of the Obama/Biden Administration. Let us pray that we can vote them out soon enough to save our military and our country.  

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