The American Legion Post 214 of Taylors, S.C. was honored to have Bang Hall speak at their August General Meeting.

Ban Hall at Post 214 0809

Mrs. Hall was a Vietnam refugee who worked for the South Vietnamese Government until North Vietnam took over the country.  Afterwards she was permitted to work for the new Vietnamese Communist Government for several years. She eventually was allowed to immigrate and join the remainder of her family who had escaped during the Saigon evacuation.  She eventually came to the United States and became an American Citizen, after going through the 5-year process.  She said that taking the American citizenship oath was the proudest day of her life.  She spoke of all the horrors of having to live under the Communist Government.  She also spoke of the current Chinese in Vietnam.  Every Province has a ruling Chinese political group that makes decisions for the Province.  She took questions afterward.

Ban Hall at Post 214 0803