Taxes Dont Have to Be Complicated

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. -- Now there is a tax system that eliminates the maze of Federal and State Taxes. The only bona fide "One Page Tax System" One Tax For All. One Tax For All - Tax System will replace all tax systems. Just like a simple toll road, the One Tax For All is a national and state sales and transaction tax. This system is a cash system, pay as you go for everyone, every business, and enterprise. The greatest benefit of this tax system is citizens/taxpayers get to keep most of the wealth they create for themselves.


While not original, founder Stephen Redden - the Citizen Statesman (and we all are Statesmen) lived in Florida to experience no income taxes just a consumer sales tax. This is proof that a sales tax system works even while limited to just consumer items. The dynamic of a sales and transaction tax is every segment of the economy is taxed very low and evenly. This eliminates taxes that pick winners and losers for political or social gain.

The website explains in great detail how and why this tax system works. Plus, there is a download pdf that speaks to Life, Liberty, and Financial Freedom.

Contact Stephen Redden for more information: 727-776-3316 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SOURCE One Tax For All

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