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Saturday, July 13, 2024 - 12:52 PM


First Published in 1994


NAPA, Calif. -- Longtime sidewalk counselor and Life Legal client Ross Foti was brutally attacked outside a California Planned Parenthood last week. A woman entering the clinic viciously shoved Ross to the ground, causing him to fall on a fire hydrant. Ross, who is 88, suffered a punctured lung and other serious injuries and was hospitalized after the assault. He was released after four days, but is still in constant pain and requires ongoing treatment.

Witnesses report that the assailant was furious because she wanted a certain parking spot in front of the abortion mill, but Ross had already parked there. Even though the woman found another place to park, she screamed at Ross and then charged at him, ramming him with her arms and pushing him into the fire hydrant.

Abortion supporters in the neighborhood have been trying to prevent Ross from parking at the Planned Parenthood for years—one went so far as to post a flyer urging people to leave their cars in front of the clinic in an effort to keep Ross from parking where his signs are most visible to clients.

Despite harassment from pro-aborts, Ross has faithfully prayed outside Planned Parenthood four or five times a week for over 30 years. Under his watch, three different Planned Parenthood mills in the area have shut their doors.

"This violent assault against Ross Foti is unconscionable," said Life Legal CEO Alexandra Snyder. "Life Legal is committed to pursuing all legal options to obtain justice for Ross and to protect the right to pro-life speech without the fear of violence on public sidewalks."

Life Legal is in contact with local law enforcement to ensure that Ross' attacker is prosecuted at a level commensurate with her crime.


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