When Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy told a reporter that he subscribed to the Biblical view of marriage between one man and one woman, little did he know what was to come. The entire liberal establishment went on the attack. Left to their devices, they would have destroyed a wonderful company created by a self-made man and his sons based on Biblical principles. The food outlets are closed on Sundays, the employees are courteous, the food is tasty and customers are loyal.

When former Arkansas Governor and Baptist preacher turned Fox talk show host suggested that Wednesday, August first be Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, Americans responded. They responded by the thousands.

People who had never eaten at Chick-fil-A before waited in lines for hours with people from all walks of life. Some sang patriotic songs. Others talked politics and the need to change the government in Washington that was destroying every aspect of our Christian-based constitutional republic.

Not since the large tea party march on Washington, had the conservative “silent majority” had an opportunity to demonstrate their strong feelings about an issue important to them and their families.

At the Chick-fil-A on Wade Hampton Boulevard in Taylors, the cars were lined up coming in both directions on Wade Hampton Blvd., at least 10 deep. Another dozen cars were lined down the side street and around the building to the service window. The large grocery store parking lot across the street was full and people walking long distances to stand in line.

The sign in front of Renfrew Baptist Church north of Travelers Rest advised motorists to visit their local Chick-fil-A.

When outlets ran out of breakfast food, they began serving lunch. No one complained. At some stores individuals were paying for orders of people they had never met, just because they were feeling good about what was happening.

The Gay activists who instigated the problem were obviously stunned. There was only one incident of Record in Greenville. On Laurens Rd. a protester blocked the entrance to a business, leading to he and his vehicle being carried away.

The response was the same across the country. Americans who believe in taking a stand on important issues demonstrated their appreciation for the Cathy family and their unyielding stand on Biblical principles.


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Mike Scruggs