Governor Nikki Haley has been asked to speak at the Republican National Convention, to be held August 27-30th in Tampa.

Speaking at the Republican National Convention is a high honor and Governor Haley's remarks will undoubtedly shine a positive spotlight on South Carolina. The nation and world will get to see why South Carolina is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Will you contribute $20.12 in Governor Haley's honor today, so that we may continue the fight against Barack Obama and the liberal Democrats?

Given their rotten record, the only way President Obama and the Democrats can win is to go on the attack and stay negative during these final three months until Election Day.

They'll say horrible and ugly things about Republicans at their Convention from September 3-6th in Charlotte. President Obama will be reading from the teleprompter about all the wonderful things he's done for America and how prosperity is right around the corner. We don't believe his empty promises, do you?

We DO believe in you. Buoyed by your financial leadership, we will work hard every day in August, September, and October and right up until the polls close on November 6th.

Every little bit helps. Please consider contributing $20.12 TODAY in honor of Governor Haley.

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Mike Scruggs