Army May Charge Bergdahl with Desertion

Information leaked to FOX News indicates that the United States Army will soon charge Bowe Bergdahl with desertion and send him before a General Courts Martial board.  The soldier named Bowe Bergdahl allegedly laid down his weapon and walked away from his base and the men of his unit in Afghanistan on June 30, 2009. For approximately 5 years he lived with and allegedly helped the Taliban as they ambushed American troops.

Several American soldiers were killed and wounded while searching for Bergdahl. All who served with him stated later that they had no doubt that he was an Islamic sympathizer and that he intentionally deserted his post in combat, a treasonous act.

President Obama made a sensational story of his return to the United States by trading 5 known Taliban High level military leaders for Bergdahl. The President held a televised event in the White House Rose Garden with Bergdahl’s parents in what amounted to a hero’s welcome.

The issue became a serious morale matter for the Army and public pressure  forced the Army to conduct an investigation. Now, after delay after delay, the day for action has arrived.

There will apparently be a court martial of Bergdahl. That does not necessarily mean he will be found guilty. Military courts can be rigged by the convening authority or the findings can be modified.

Stay tuned. This Commander-in-Chief is not likely to allow himself to be proven guilty of trading 5 senior enemy prisoners for a deserter due to a military court martial finding he can control.

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Mike Scruggs