H. 4059 Would Require Driver Involved in Fatal Accident to be Tested for alcohol or drugs

The South Carolina House of Representatives Judiciary Sub-Committee met on Thursday, March 4, to consider a bill proposed by Rep. Tommy Stringer of District 18 that includes the Greer-Blue Ridge area of Greenville County. The bill, H. 4059 would require a driver (such as in the recent Ludwig case) to be tested for alcohol or drugs if the accident results in a fatality.

The sub-committee, chaired by Republican Rep. Keith Kelly of Spartanburg, defeated the bill unanimously. Other members of the sub-committee are fellow Republicans Derham Cole of Spartanburg and Tom Young of Aiken. The only Democrat present and voting was Todd Rutherford of Richland County. A second Democrat, Doug Jennings of Marlboro County, was absent.

Observers point out that all members of the Republican dominated sub-committee that killed the bill are trial lawyers.


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