DeMint hosts reception for Marco Rubio, the popular conservative US Senate candidate from Florida

Senator-Jim-DeMintThe Greenville Marriott on Monday evening, March 15, was the scene of a reception for Marco Rubio, a US Senate candidate from Florida, sponsored by Senator Jim DeMint. The topic of the evening was: “How Americans can take back our country.”

Marco Rubio is former Speaker of the House for the State of Florida. He is 38 years old and father of four children under the age of nine.

Senator DeMint spoke of the long shot candidate Marco Rubio that he had chosen to back when polls showed him down by 30 points below his leading opponent, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist. His popularity has now soared to 30 points above his Republican opponent.

Rubio articulated the conservative values held near and dear by conservative South Carolinians. He expressed a wish that he could export the entire room of people attending the reception to Florida to vote for him! His charisma, enthusiasm, and message had everyone’s attention.

Senator DeMint’s vision for supporting and backing Marco Rubio is a tribute to his conservative values. South Carolinians are truly blessed to have Jim DeMint as our Senator in Washington, D.C.

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