Decision Based on False Data. Unconstitutional Federal Law

It was predictable that President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder would block the South Carolina law requiring a driver’s license, or other picture ID prior to voting according to observers of election fraud in the 2008 presidential election.

The NAACP vowed earlier this year at a convention carried on C-SPAN to do everything in their power to block the requirement that voters show photo IDs in all states where it is required. In states where laws were already in effect they would go to court. In South Carolina, the challenge assured victory.

The U. S. Attorney General has the authority under existing federal law to overrule any election-related law passed by the South Carolina Legislature and signed by the Governor. The liberal media, including the local daily, carried stories saying the provision is in the law because of “past voting law violations.”

That statement is factually and historically incorrect. It is a historical fact that President Lyndon Johnson had a provision put in the law that applies only to those states that voted for Barry Goldwater, his opponent in 1964. It was a politically vindictive action on the part of President Johnson who had unprecedented power over members of Congress. A couple of years later he tricked the Congress, minus one member, to pass the Tonkin Gulf Resolution to give him unlimited power to pursue war in Vietnam. It is now public knowledge that the Tonkin Gulf incident that was the basis for the Johnson resolution was fabricated by the Johnson Administration and never happened,

To be constitutional, federal laws must apply to all states equally. However, the South Carolina government has never challenged the law.  In fairness to them, this is the first time the Johnson law has been used in such a blatant, politically motivated manner to make voter fraud easier.

Last week the chief of the state Department of Motor Vehicles revealed that the S. C. Election Commission knowingly provided false information on the number of South Carolina voters who do not have a driver’s license.

The election commission reported that 240,000 active and inactive voters did not have a driver’s license or photo ID card issued by DMV to use for identification under the new law. The incorrect information was used by opponents of the law to dramatize a massive, fabricated problem for minorities and the elderly, claming it would keep them from voting because they couldn’t get to the DMV to have a free card made, but could get to the polls to vote. Governor Haley and others promised free transportation to take them to get cards to illustrate the absurdity of the supposed problem. But no facts presented would influence the outcome.

Prior to Holder’s decision, the DMV provided the state Attorney General with data showing that 207,000 of the 240,000 voters were living in another state, had allowed their ID to expire, had names on driver’s license that did not match the voter registration records or were dead. There were 37,295 dead people found in the data bank by the DMV.

County election officials and Republican Party leaders are seeking other means of guarding against expected election fraud attempts in the November 2012 General Election.

There will also be efforts to get something started to repeal the unconstitutional law imposed on the states that supported Goldwater in 1964. South Carolinians, through RINO Hunt and Tea Party groups, are becoming fed up with South Carolina being treated unjustly by the bullies in Washington, D. C.


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