Beware of politicians who pretend to be something they are'nt! Especially if they call themselves "Republicans."

There are two kinds of creatures that inhabit our planet whose names sound similar.  One is an ornery four-legged remnant of prehistoric times—a monster called a Rhinoceros, or “RHINO”, for short.  It has poor eyesight and a reputation for a bad temper, and it doesn’t appreciate being threatened or pestered.   Those who get on its “bad side” are attacked by this one-and-a-half ton beast whose intention is to spear you with its horn and/or grind you into the dirt.  You certainly want to stay away from them if you value your life.

However, there is another kind of “RINO” in our midst.  It usually lurks in the ranks of the Republican Party but gives only “lip service” to the sometimes conservative planks of that often weak-kneed political party, hence its nick-name: RINO, or “Republican In Name Only”.  This species also has poor “political eyesight” and a reputation for stabbing those with whom it disagrees politically in their backs. 

It too does not appreciate being threatened with the truth and being exposed as a phony, a pretend conservative, a “closet despiser of our Constitution”, as ALL RINOS are (and, of course, what all Democrats are, because RINO ELEPHANTS and Democrat ASSES are almost always close allies who look out for each other)!  If you get on the political “bad side” of a RINO you can expect to bring all the forces of collectivist political correctness and vomit-inducing “wokeness” down upon your head.  You certainly don’t want to EVER support a RINO if you value your political life or your true conservative principles.  They may not try to physically end your life, but they will try to destroy your life if you attack them politically or expose their RINO cowardice!  That’s what RINOS do!


Back in November of 2022, a group of Republican Senators and Governors spoke before the Republican Jewish Coalition meeting in Las Vegas.  One of these speakers was former N.J. Governor Chris Christie.  During his remarks he commented, negatively of course, about the influence that the John Birch Society (founded in December of 1958 by Robert Welch, a real patriot) had on the Republican Party in those years, and the “conflicts” that supposedly arose within that party during the 1960’s—conflicts that he inferred were caused by the JBS rather than the usual compromises with collectivism that the Republican Party is known for.  He discussed Ronald Reagan’s great speech at the Republican Convention in 1964—“A Time for Choosing” (which I heard Reagan give live on TV), which Christie described as a choice between “individual freedom” and “totalitarianism”. 

Was Christie equating the patriots of the JBS with “totalitarians” because they insisted then—as we do now--that a political party that supposedly supported conservatism and constitutional principles actually SUPPORTS conservatism and constitutional principles?  Apparently he wasDuring his talk in Las Vegas he also compared the current Republican Party under former President Trump to the 1960’s, saying: “I think we’re at a time for choosing right now….It is not to be left up to any one person to decide who our party is.  It is up to us.”  Was he attacking his former ally, Donald Trump?  Of course he was.  RINOS hate anyone who makes them look small and inconsequential, both of which Chris Christie has become.

During this speech before the Republican Jewish Coalition, Christie couldn’t restrain himself from bad-mouthing  the John Birch Society, which was mercilessly attacked and vilified back in the early 1960’s as “anti-Semitic and anti-black”, i.e. “racist”, and composed of “kooks” who believed in ‘conspiracy theories’.  Here is an exact transcript of what Christie said about the JBS that day (some of it a bit verbally ‘confusing’): 

A lot of things to reflect on today.  Where I reflected was that our party was in a very similar position in my mind 60 years ago.  Sixty years ago, in 1962, you had a crossroads for the Republican Party.  We lost the presidential election to John Kennedy.  We had a disappointing mid-term in 1962, and we also had conflict inside the party.  What was driven that time was driven by the John Birch Society.  And for those of you who remember those times, it was a group of folks who sold themselves as if by communists (sic), but broadened their ‘hateness’ (sic) to lots of other groups and began to use litmus tests based upon lies, falsehoods, about members of our own party, as a litmus test for their support.  And it was a dangerous time where Republican politicians throughout the country were afraid.  They were afraid to speak out, they were afraid to oppose these folks because what  they were told was if you oppose them, you cannot win a Republican primary, you cannot be a nominee.  So you must either agree with them or acquiesce to that particular point of view

“And at that time there were two people who stood up to say no.  The first one was William F. Buckley, the founder and editor of National Review.  He called Barry Goldwater, who was contemplating running for president in 1964, and they came to an agreement.  Buckley would speak out first forcefully against the John Birch Society, and then Goldwater would follow up with a forceful letter to the National Review supporting Buckley’s position.”

Gov. Christie went on to describe how William Buckley wrote a 5000 word editorial in National Review, and how Goldwater “backed out” of his agreement to support Buckley’s position, for “when Goldwater saw the reaction to it (Buckley’s editorial) by some members of the party he backed out.  He backed away from his agreement with Buckley.”  He went on to explain how Ronald Reagan had then stepped in, writing a letter to the Republican National Committee claiming that “the John Birch Society was not his Republican Party”.  Gov. Christie went on to puff himself up and badmouth Donald Trump, which is, of course, normal behavior for any politician IF what he claims is TRUTHFUL. But RINOS love to “trash” any ‘stand-for-conservative-principles’ politician or  patriotic group that threatens their compromise with collectivism, and for sure the John Birch Society was that group. Chris Christie is a politician that I could NEVER support.  But that’s just my personal opinion.  What is more disturbing is what he was claiming about another RINO, one of the leaders of the RINO “herd” for a long time—William F. Buckley, Jr.


If you are familiar at all with the concepts of political “conservatism”—i.e. love of and active support for our right to love God, our families, and our Constitutional Republic as established for us by our Founders—you’ll realize that not everyone who calls himself/herself a “conservative” actually is one.  Some are what are rightly called “Neo-Conservatives”, those who believe in government intervention in the affairs of other countries, particularly pushing “war” as an acceptable alternative to peaceful discussion of intra-nation grievances.  But before I charge into a discussion of a man that many “conservatives” remember fondly as a “fellow conservative” (which he was NOT), let’s briefly discuss one of the main groups of plotters and schemers who have been the main force within “the deep state” for generations, a group to which William F. Buckley, Jr. belonged.  It’s called The Council on Foreign Relations—the public “Flagship” of the Deep State since 1921, and an ally of the evil World Economic Forum

I’ve belonged to The John Birch Society for many decades, an organization containing some of the finest Christians and patriots I’ve ever known.  It’s a patriotic group that has often been accused of spreading “conspiracy theories” which, when you discover the truth about the JBS, you’ll know is complete nonsense.  We are level-headed conspiracy “FACTISTS”, because those who refuse to believe in such things as political conspiracies not only do not know history, but have willingly put on the “blinders” that the Deep State conspiracy forces on all who are foolish enough to believe its lies.

The JBS is almost alone in exposing the origins of what we today call “the Deep State”, calling those plotters the “insider conspiracy” for many years.  And at the very center of that “insider conspiracy” was, and still IS, The Council on Foreign Relations, established back in 1921 by those who despised the political restraints that our U.S. Constitution imposed upon any sort of central government.  Their goal was to eliminate the “chains” that our constitution wrapped around their ambitions, destroy the concept of American sovereignty, vastly increase the size and power of the central government, and vastly diminish the political power of our states, and eventually establish a WORLD GOVERNMENT, under their control of course.  The failed “League of Nations” after WW1 was their child, as well as their “Annuit Coeptis”, their successful conspiracy to establish the Marxist United Nations Organization, which was intended to be their fledgling “world government.”  And still is!

Back in 2018  the John Birch Society published the best book about the history and goals of the CFR I’ve ever read.  It’s called “In the Shadows of the Deep State:  A Century of Council on Foreign Relations Scheming for World Government, written by Art Thompson, formerly the CEO of The John Birch Society.  Its 385 pages thoroughly document the history and sinister purposes of the CFR, and should be a thunderous warning against that treasonous group.  In the “Foreword” to his book, Mr. Thompson wrote:

“What must have not been realized until recently is that what have appeared to be spontaneous suggestions for more government are actually an agenda being implemented by a concerted, organized group to bring about socialism, not only in America but around the world.  Herein we confirm that there is such an agenda.  We shall touch on those behind this agenda, since just recognizing the agenda is not enough.  It is important to expose those who are behind it in order to stop the march toward socialism.  We will show that ONE OF THE KEY ORGANIZATIONS THAT HAS BEEN IN THE FOREFRONT OF IMPLEMENTAING IT IS THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (CFR). (Emphasis mine—whl).

“…(I)n every case, members of the CFR and those who orbit around the CFR have been in charge or influenced the outcome (of various proposals to increase the scope of government). …The CFR is the prime organization that today constitutes what has become known as the Swamp, or Deep State.  More often than not, CFR members have been one or two layers down from the public image of government, financial institutions, and academia, where the public does not notice them or even have any knowledge of them.”

Suffice to say that among American constitutionalists and dedicated patriots the CFR is “Enemy #1”, and should be “persona non grata” within the ranks of both of our political parties, but especially the Republican Party.  But many in the  Dumbocrat and Republican parties belong to that treacherous organization.  About twenty years ago, John McManus, at that time the President of The John Birch Society, wrote a great, hard-hitting book about the PSEUDO-CONSERVATIVE, William F.  Buckley, Jr. (1925-2008), titled: William F. Buckley, Jr.: Pied Piper for the Establishment.  I’ll give you a condensed version of what Mr. McManus wrote about Buckley.  You, then, can judge for yourself as to Mr. Buckley’s “conservative” bona fides.  William, or “Bill”, Buckley, a graduate from Yale University (where he was a member of the super-secret “Skull & Bones Society), was a political “neo-conservative” at best, and according to McManus, “…was chosen by the Liberal Establishment as the chief spokesperson for conservatives” back in the 1960’s.  From those early days in the 1960’s to his death  in 2008, and even until today in the minds of many who identify themselves as political conservatives, Americans have been led astray by Bill Buckley and in more recent years by pretend conservatives  (neo or pseudo) who believe, as did Buckley, in interjecting the government of the U.S. into virtually every aspect of our personal and private lives, in complete contravention to what our Founders warned their posterity about. 

According to John McManus, Buckley “promoted liberal causes, from abortion, drugs, and pornography; to the Panama Canal giveaway; (had) “connections to the CFR, CIA (for which he worked for 2 years); “and Yale’s Skull & Bones (super-secret) Society; selection  (hiring) of ex-Communists, Trotskyites, and CIA veterans to staff National Review; (and) unwarranted (personal) attacks on JBS Founder Robert Welch to prove himself ‘acceptable’ to the liberal establishment.”  Many conservatives, myself included in previous years, were fooled by the “Deep State” establishment of that time into accepting Bill Buckley as a genuine conservative.  Even Robert Welch donated money to Bill Buckley to help get National Review up and running in its early years, proving only that even the most educated and astute conservatives can be fooled and bitten by a liberal “viper” that was foolishly trusted, for Buckley soon turned AGAINST the JBS and attacked it often.  Many of us were totally fooled by becoming gullible pawns in “One World Government” propaganda and in its incessant warmongering by lobbyists and corporate interests—i.e. the “military/industrial complex”.  Buckley may have been similarly fooled, but I suspect that he knew what he was doing, and what interests he really served.

You can  buy  John McManus’ book from JBS.ORG.  Get it and learn about the “other side” of Bill Buckley and his supposed “conservatism”.  All of which proves that politicians like former Gov. Chris Christie are still being fooled by the denizens of the “Deep State”, willingly or unwillingly I can’t say.  Obviously he’s testing the waters for a possible 2024 presidential run, one of many RINOS (apparently soon to include former S.C. governor Nikki Haley) among a precious few conservative eagles.  The next campaign for 2024 should be very interesting, assuming we even have one.

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