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Let not the spirit and the voice of opposition to government policies ever be stilled!

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” - President Harry S. Truman (1884-1972), Special Message to the Congress on the Internal Security of the United States, August 8, 1950.

Far be it for me to quote, in agreement, from a Democrat president, but I must admit that old Harry Truman was 100% correct in both his historical accuracy and in his remarkable prescience in regards to the well known propensities of “governments” to morph over some period of time from the “faithful servant” into the “fearful master”, mainly because the citizens of those governments were lulled into complacency by those old ‘siren songs’:  “Let the Government Do It”, or “The Government Will Take Care Of You”.  Uh huh.  Sure it will.

If history teaches us anything, it is that “the government” under which one lives is more than willing to “Do It For the People”,  because the more the government does “for the people” the greater the degree of POWER and CONTROL the government has over “the people”. The history of the last couple of centuries is replete with many examples of that strong and doom-inducing “urge” of governments—i.e. those who control their functioning—legally or surreptitiously—to increasingly conspire over the possibilities of offering ever more socialist “government services”, “government entitlements”, “government suggestions for this or that”, “government aid”, “government loans”, “government mandates”, all summed up in that fearful and “genetically” induced promise from the denizens of the vast bureaucracies of the “swamp” that “we’re from the government, and we’re here to help you”.  Without any doubt, history has amply proved that the GREATEST threat to a citizen’s freedom and quality of life is the very government under which he/she lives!

Whenever you hear those “soothing syrup platitudes” from some  representative of potential repression called “government”, run—do not walk—away from his  lying serpent’s tongue, and know with certainty that in most cases “government”  does NOT have your best interests in mind!  What they DO have in mind is to CONTROL you one way or another, for the urge to “control” populations, to “dominate” them, to “bend them to the will of the government” (OR to the wills of those who want to destroy an existing form of government and REPLACE it with another form), is inherent in the very nature of government and has been ever since ancient times when Nimrod proposed to built his tower into the sky, and convinced his trusting but gullible people that it was a good idea to ignore God’s commands.  Today we have new “Mimrods”, such as that despicable fascist, Klaus Schwab and his thoroughly evil and anti-God World Economic Forum, with its goal of “The Great Reset” of all of humanity into his (and his masters’) fascist “visions” of a trans-human and totally subservient (and greatly reduced) population of “happy serfs” who will “own nothing and be happy” in their servitude. In addition, they will “eat insects” and artificial food, courtesy of Bill Gates and his ilk, and will love it.   Of course we will.

As Art Thompson so cogently said in his great book, In The Shadows Of The Deep State (Western Islands, Publishers, 2018) in the Foreword, p.1: “When enough people ask questions regarding just about any issue of the day, we see solutions being offered that often make matters worse.  Too often these solutions point to government as the answer, but is government the answer? 

“Government solutions can also be a problem since they extend the reach and scope of government, and build the power of government to the detriment of the individual and local community, and particularly of individual freedom. 

“What most have not realized until recently is that what have appeared to be spontaneous suggestions for more government are actually an agenda being implemented by a concerted, organized group to bring about SOCIALISM) not only in America but around the world.”


Consider the wisdom of James Madison, our 4th President, as he wrote in the Federalist Papers:

“The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elected, may justly be pronounced THE VERY DEFINITION OF TYRANNY.”  (Emphasis mine—whl).

It is when this “accumulation of all powers” into those one, few, or many hands (mostly of “government” but not exclusively so--“big corporatism” and “big academia” have gleefully joined hands with “big government” as ‘equal opportunity oppressors’), begins to totally dominate all opposing views that the evil seeds of tyranny begin to sprout, and the urge to repress opposition begins to show itself, surreptitiously at first, but then out in the open with the sycophants of the oppressors gleefully contributing their verbal (or eventually actual) dagger thrusts into the hearts of free speech, peaceful assembly, and religious expression and worship.   It is when we see that vile “wokeness babble” being perpetrated by mental midgets against those who today identify as Christian or Jewish, conservative, Americanist, straight, patriotic, historically literate, pro-Constitution, pro-Second Amendment, pro-free speech, etc., that freedom is at its greatest risk of being flushed down the sewer of progressivism/collectivism/socialism/and tyrannical oligarchical government! 

It is obvious to all but the willfully blind that the U.S.A. has been rapidly declining in every important aspect over recent decades, and that this decline is increasing with each passing year.  Thanks to the far left wing, Marxist Biden Administration and its minions and its shadowy masters at the Council on Foreign Relations, the communist United Nations Organization, and the fascists of the World Economic Forum, and the ultra-wealthy who truly control these and similar entities, we see terrifying explosions of crime in virtually all of our major cities and increasingly so even in so-called “red” states.  We are being threatened by violent gangs who war on each other and on the innocent, who often become “collateral damage”, gangs which are composed of both home-grown criminals AND those that the Biden Marxists are encouraging to illegally cross our southern border, with the obvious goal of putting all of these vile invaders on the “fast track” to citizenship and to membership in the anti-American and pro-Marxist Dumbocrat Party, i.e. The Klan of New Bolsheviks.  Big government loves “out-of-control” crime because that gives said government more reasons—more excuses—to pass new laws and issue more unconstitutional “executive orders” to “crack down” on the law-abiding who obey those laws, as opposed to the lawless, who DON’T!

We have experienced over recent decades the rapid disintegration of our once-strong American nuclear family, long a bulwark of civilization, with divorce now an “acceptable” part of marriage, with infidelity more common and the “swinger” lifestyle encouraged by society.  All around us we hear more frequently of child abuse, human trafficking (especially of children), teenage rebellion (due to lack of proper parenting), out-of-control use of dangerous drugs which are being exported by our Chinese communist enemies into that failed Narco-state known as Mexico, and from there into the U.S. where the drug cartels are taking over entire portions of our southern border states (and soon, perhaps, where YOU live), with no  real resistance by the Marxist Biden (mis)Administration. Purposely so, I regret to say, because we all know that Comrade Biden is beholden and completely subservient to the Chinese Communist Party, and interfering with the flow of illegal and killer drugs from China to Mexico and then into our American population would seriously upset the huge cash flow of his Chinese masters and their drug cartel allies. It should be obvious to all but the willfully blind among us that Comrade Biden has no intention of upsetting his CCP masters, for he and his trashy family have long been on THEIR payroll!  I trust that you who voted for this scurvy monstrosity who calls himself our “President” are pleased with your choice!  But most of us are NOT!

As difficult as it is for suffering Americans to accept as fact, the society-destroying evils that we are experiencing today are really DELIBERATE WARFARE against our American Constitutional Republic by enemies (not ALL of whom are foreign) determined to destroy us, while Americans are encouraged, by their subversive main stream media of all types, to “eat, drink, and be merry” and look the other way while our once-free culture disappears before our eyes, and those who stand in OPPOSITION and who try to warn their fellow citizens of the TYRANNY forming all around us are decried and denounced and harassed as radical “conspiracy theorists” by their own government and by a sizeable (but thankfully dwindling)  number of their fellow citizens who have bought into the LIE that “tyranny” and “repression” can’t happen here in the U.S.A.!  But the “politically blind” and purposely miseducated cannot even reason their way out of a weak argument, let alone participate in saving themselves and their posterity from a grim future of political, and probably physical, repression. 

As James Bamford warned us recently: “There is now the capacity to make tyranny total in America.”  And only a huge and dominating government can effectively do that—a government exactly like the one that is destroying our nation.  During the Trump Administration we had at least a glimmer of hope that oppressive and domineering government would be throttled down, would be forced back toward its role of “servant of the people” rather than their master.  But even President Trump could only scratch the surface of the problem called “Big Government Tyranny”.  Whether or not this was on purpose I can’t say.

As most historically literate Americans know, 247 years ago, the patriot, Thomas Jefferson, penned (mostly) our Declaration of Independence because of the tyrannical rule of Great Britain over her North American colonies.  But today the federal “leviathan” in the District of Criminals and Communists claims far more of our wealth and has eviscerated many more of our historic freedoms than King George 111 ever thought of doing back in pre-Revolutionary days.  As Robert Carbery wrote in Investment Watch (July 5, 2017):

“In 2017, we are under a new form of tyranny that masquerades as our federal government—keeping us “safe” while dispensing of our God-given rights.  Our country is on an unsustainable path.  Spending far more that we take in, the theft continues by an outdated tax system that will crush our country very possibly within our lifetimes.”

Mr. Carbery was correct in his assessment of the federal monstrosity back in 2017.  Today, of course, the problem is even more pronounced and far more dangerous to our survival.  In that same article quoted above, real patriot Ron Paul was quoted as saying:

“What do we get in this bargain?”, asked Ron Paul.  “We get a federal government larger and more oppressive than before 1776, a government that increasingly views us as the enemy.  As liberty-loving Americans, we must fight for our freedoms, especially today.  It is not the Republicans vs. the Democrats.  They are in it together to rob hard working taxpayers while padding their own pockets with unlimited power and influence as politicians.  It is the people vs. the government.  Don’t ever forget that.”

Webster’s dictionary defines “tyranny” as “cruel and oppressive government or rule.”  It also defines “oppressive” as “very unpleasant or uncomfortable” and “cruel” as “causing or helping to cause suffering.” 

It is undeniable to my mind (and to the minds of millions of other Americans), that since 1913, the year that the 16th Amendment—the pro-Marxist direct taxation of personal incomes was ratified in direct contravention of our Founders’ intentions-- and the unconstitutional and pro-Marxist Federal Reserve Act was passed by Congress, that there have been at least five “watershed” or “landmark” facts that have contributed to the rise of governmental tyranny over those decades (as outlined in an article by Dr. David Robertson, in Destroying the Narrative, published January 4, 2021):

  • A constant and exponentially increasing INCREASE in the size of the federal government (and in State governments also);
  • A significant and obvious REDUCTION in the personal liberty of Americans;
  • A continual, and PLANNED, devaluation of our currency;
  • A continuation of the above policies over many decades, from one administration to another;
  • Both of our so-called “political parties” must take responsibility for the calamitous reduction in freedom and the extremely dangerous increase in governmental oppression of the population through unconstitutional laws, mandates, executive orders, etc.

Taken by themselves, many Americans don’t see the dangers facing them because of the actions of their government, i.e. they don’t see the “forest of tyranny” because of the individual “trees” of unconstitutional laws and deficit spending, all of which are being utilized following the “agendas” of what we today refer to as “globalists”, i.e. proponents of a subversive “New World Order”—a totally repressive “world government”.  But that “forest of tyranny” is omnipresent now, and growing larger and more threatening with each passing year.  Even the most willfully blind citizens are becoming aware that big government is no longer their friend but is becoming their “fearful master”.  And it is growing into that potential “monster” because far too many Americans are blissfully unaware of the dangers they face, or have already surrendered to them, having been convinced (incorrectly) that “Resistance Is Futile”.  But it is NOT futile, because awareness of our dangers and a determined RESISTANCE against those who are perpetrating these dangers is the only course of action that will save all of us, and our rapidly disintegrating republic.

Remember Lord Acton’s warning:  “Power corrupts.  And absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  And we are seeing that today all around us, as our once vaunted freedoms are being eroded, and the constitutional republic of our Forefathers is vanishing in front of our eyes.  We know that our first president, George Washington, warned his posterity over the very real shortcomings of the “party system”.  He warned that “factions”, or political parties, would tear our nation apart.  How prescient he was, for one of the greatest “scourges” of liberty we face today is the “two party system”—i.c. ostensibly “two political partiespretending to “oppose” each other and “serve the people”, when it has been patently obvious for decades that we have only one UNI-PARTY. Pat Buchanan once described it as a dangerous “vulture”, with two wings that pretend to be in opposition, while all the while aiding that “bird of prey” to use its talons of tyranny to rip apart our Republic. 

To my mind, OPPOSITION against the tyranny of government (both the “soft” and the “brutal” forms), must be a primary tool for all Americans if our historic freedoms are to be maintained without further erosion.  Opposition should be peaceful and thoroughly educational, if at all possible, and as long as our “elected representatives” in government respond to the concerns of the people (which they are doing less frequently with each passing year), that ‘peaceful education’ will continue as our Founders intended when they codified our Constitution in 1787.  Resorting to organized military-style opposition may become necessary, of course, as it ultimately became necessary to our patriot ancestors back in 1775.  I pray that won’t become necessary because the violence that would be precipitated by some form of military-style resistance will encourage the use of more and more brute force and intimidation by our political “overlords”, which would swiftly deteriorate into a modern and violent “civil” war with an unknown outcome.  Since only God knows the future absolutely, let us seek His guidance and then act accordingly.  But by all means LET US ACT while we still can!

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