Foolishness? Wishful Thinking? US Government
Foolishness? Wishful Thinking? US Government "False Flag" to keep pesky patriots occupied? Something even more sinister?

Before we dig into the “Q” phenomenon, let’s define some terms:

  • QUACK: Obviously, the usual sound that a duck makes; but in this context, the derisive term aimed at a member of a profession, such as an attorney or, most often, a doctor, when it is discovered that said “professional” was never trained in that discipline but has been practicing it for a long time, many times injuring his/her victims either financially or medically, or both;
  • QUISLING: A traitor who collaborates with an enemy force occupying one’s country. Named after Vidkun Quisling, a Norwegian army officer who founded Norway’s Fascist Party in 1933. He met with Adolph Hitler in December 1939 and urged him to invade and occupy Norway, which Hitler did in April, 1940.  Quisling served as the puppet or figurehead President of Norway for the Nazis from 1940 to 1945.  After Norway’s liberation in 1945, Quisling was executed for treason;
  • CONSPIRACY THEORY: Something that is believed by either a small or large group of people, sometimes true and sometimes not true, and usually called “silly” or “ridiculous” by those at whom the “facts” are aimed, and which are usually put forth to try to explain the “true story” behind a particular real world event or an unfavorable shift in the culture of a nation or nations.

Note:  I’m indebted to the following authors who wrote three very revealing and interesting articles in the New American magazine on the subject of “Q” (also called “QAnon” because “Q” is still anonymous, or WAS—see part 2 of this series), and from which I quote freely and extensively:

  • Conspiracy Theories and Conspiracy Facts---The Q “Conspiracies, by Steve Byas, published August 18, 2018;
  • Questioning QAnon, by C. Mitchell Shaw, published June 8, 2020;
  • The QAnon Phenomenon, by C. Mitchell Shaw, published February 14, 2022.

My late father-in-law recounted to me on more than one occasion the true story of the almost nationwide panic that began on Sunday evening, October 30, 1938, when CBS Radio broadcast a very realistic (and apparently quite believable) dramatization of H. G. Wells’ novel, War of the Worlds, read by the actor Orson Welles and some fellow actors.  The radio broadcast was done as a series of so-called “news flashes” that kept interrupting a program of dance music.  CBS Radio issued a “disclaimer” at the beginning of its show stating to its radio listeners that this was a FICTONAL story by H.G. Wells, and not a real event.

Unfortunately for a sizeable group of Americans who were hearing what sounded believable and alarming, they either tuned in LATE, after the “disclaimer” that they were listening to a fiction story, or they didn’t pay attention at first.  Some people listening that night, including my late father-in-law, believed they were hearing actual news reports detailing a series of attacks around the nation by “Martians”, who were destroying villages and cities with their “death rays”.  As a result, many Americans panicked, including my late father-in-law, who gathered up as many supplies as he had, loaded his wife and his baby daughter into his car, and prepared to head off into some “North Woods” haven to get away from the invading Martians.  In other words, as he often admitted to me, somewhat embarrassed, he and his wife really believed that Planet Earth was being attacked by some advanced alien race from Mars.  Which just shows how easy it is to fool at least “some of the people some of the time”!  The “Q” fantasy fits this description to a “T”!

According to Mitchell Shaw in the July 8, 2020 edition of the New American magazine:  “On October 28, 2017…an anonymous 4Chan user employing the moniker “Q” claimed to have access to classified information involving the battle between the Trump Administration and its opponents in the Deep State.

“Again, the power of confirmation bias showed itself.  Since it was obvious to any honest observer that President Trump was the victim of a tar-and-feather campaign, as well as a well-orchestrated witch hunt, “Q” seemed to ‘fill in the blanks’ and explain what was really going on ‘behind the scenes’.  As a result, many suspended critical thinking and took—as unquestionable truth—whatever “Q” proposed, including “Q’s” predictions of what would happen.  This, even though no one knew who he (or more likely THEY) was….  That suspension of critical thinking—fueled at least in part by confirmation bias—continued even as prediction after prediction has failed to come to pass, and some theories even directly contradicted previous theories.”

I have a family member who is a strong believer in the existence of an actual “Q” person or persons, and has been convinced by several well known conservative video blogs that “Q” is probably within the U.S. military, has access to a super “Quantum” computer that can easily lay out various “what if” theoretical scenarios, and if  “Q’s” predictions or suggestions for future events don’t pan out, it is because they are in different portions of “Delta 2, or Delta 3,”  i.e. parts of a still-unfolding plan by “Q’s” followers in our military and/or government who must speak “cryptically” to avoid detection and persecution by our Deep State enemies.  We’ve had some “interesting” discussions on this subject, but I remain unconvinced that “Q” was truly “dropping” these “crypticisms” as part of a patriotic effort.  It seems to me, as it seems to many of us in the John Birch Society, that this anonymous poster known as “Q” or “QAnon” seems to have been designed to promote the view—the accepted belief—that ALL “conspiracy theories” are completely fabricated, are “silly”, or are being spread by Republicans to injure Democrats.  BUT if you believe “Q’s” “drops” are or will be valid in the near future, then just sit and watch and wait for something to happen soon, because it’s definitely going to happen, “Q’s” loyal cheering squad assures us, since Trump and his allies have planned this all along, including his losing to Comrade Biden so Biden and his merry band of Marxist misfits can be exposed for the Deep State members they are, so the American people can finally be exposed to the “truth” and “throw the collectivists/socialists/anti-constitutionalists  out”, and so that Donald Trump can be declared the real winner of the 2020 POTUS election, and  installed as our true and legal president before the 2024 national election.  Is that clear?

Isn’t it interesting that since President Trump was “railroaded” out of the Presidency by the skullduggery of Dumbocrat-controlled election boards in  several swing states,  and the overall crooked election bamboozlement, illegal ballot “drop box” stuffing, including fraudulent vote counting and voting by those who were not qualified to vote (including dead people who voted for Joe Biden in large numbers) in November, 2020, that there have been NO further “drops” or communications from “Q”?  In the early  years of this phenomenon there were various theories about the true identity of “Q”.  One popular theory was that “Q” was President Trump who was conducting a secret war against a criminal cabal directed by Hillary Clinton and her known allies in Hollyweird and in the Deep State (all of whom surely ARE criminals).  Another theory that gained prominence was that  a blogger named Tracy Diaz, who had her own talk show on Liberty Movement Radio (on UTube) at that time, began to push the “Q” persona.  Diaz, you might recall, gained some momentary notoriety over her promotion of the “pizzagate conspiracy”, which featured allegations that a child sex ring was being conducted out of a pizza restaurant in the District of Criminals & Corruption. 

“Q’s” drops lasted from October 28, 2017 until the final one (so far) on December 8, 2020.  One or more bloggers claiming to be this mysterious patriot published almost 5,000 of these cryptic posts.  As Mitchel Shaw reminded us in the February 14, 2022 issue of The New American:  “At the time, many viewed the posts as credible, yet the passage of time showed beyond a reasonable doubt that they were not.  After all, according to “Q”, patriots in high places, not the Deep State, were in control and those patriots would protect Trump from the Deep State.  Events that have transpired since then have shown otherwise.  Putting it bluntly, “Q’” followers were beguiled….”

I’ve read some of the “Q” drops, and they seemed to me to have run the gambit from totally ridiculous to incredible to believable (or was it ‘wishful thinking’?).  Mitchell Shaw continued his comments:  “Averaging nearly four cryptic drops daily for over three years, “Q” bombarded followers with one fanciful theory after another.  Some of the drops claimed to be predictions, while others were claims of things alleged to be already in action.  “Q” was consistent in only two regards:  The drops were all audaciously outrageous, and they were all false.  Followers had so much to follow that it would have been nearly (if not completely) impossible to keep up with what was being said and how a more recent drop contradicted the claims of a previous drop.  And the contradictions were legion.”

“Q’s” record of accurate “prophecies” has been less than stellar—in fact they’ve been downright disappointing so far.  One might reasonably expect that early prophecies from “Q” would have come to pass before going off the deep end with classic bloopers.  Unfortunately, “Q’s” inaccuracies began with the FIRST drop, published on October 28, 2017.  This was a truly “cryptic” message, because it wasn’t entirely a prediction of what was going to take place, but included portions that “Q” claimed were happening at the time or WOULD soon happen.  This Drop #1 read:  “HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) extradition already in motion and effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run.”  It appeared to be implying that Hillary Clinton was facing arrest  and that her extradition was already in motion and effective “yesterday” within several other countries in case the Hildabeast tried a cross border run to escape American authorities.  This crypticism continued by claiming that Hillary’s passport was “approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @12:01 a.m.  Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the U.S. to occur.  U.S. M’s (Marines) will conduct the operation while NG (National Guard) activated.” 

As events panned out, we know now that no military operations, no activation of the National Guard, no mass riots, no arrest (unfortunately) of sleazy and CROOKED Hillary, and neither she nor her accomplices in ACTUAL crime (as we’re now learning) fled the country.  (Which is NOT to say that there are no past and present surreptitious military operations, no Deep State planning on how to ravage and ruin our nation even more and hasten the process of turning us into a Marxist paradise, or no communist/progressive/collectivist plots to further subvert our once-honored constitution, because we ALL know—or we should all know—that these dastardly activities are occurring with increasing intensity in the District of Criminals and Corruption, and environs.)  No, here we are considering only the accuracy—or not—of “Q’s” drops.  And #1 was a supreme DUD!.  Mitchell Shaw, in that same New American magazine article quoted above, said what most “Q” junkies (and most of the rest of us) subscribe to—something called HOPIUM:  “For the next 1137 days, “Q” continued to push the bounds of credulity, making one brazenly false claim after another.  But…all of the claims were laced with a healthy dose of hope.  Granted, it was false hope, but people desperate for hope will often seize false hope and cling to it for dear life, and this was the case with “Q’s” nearly 5,000 drops.  For the faithful followers, it was the hope that mattered, even if not one single prediction ever came to pass.  And each new drop—promising the coming ‘storm’—was one more dose of false hope to keep the followers addicted a little while longer.”

So then, what should concerned patriots make of “Q” and its long list of hopeful but mostly inaccurate prognostications?  Was the entity behind “Q” a “quack”, a phony who latched onto the desperations of the American people and rode the “wave” as long as possible?  That’s a possibility, but in my opinion it’s a distant possibility.  Could the “Q” entity have been a “quisling”—a person or group working for either an overt or a behind the-scenes powerful group of “insiders” or “Deep Staters”, or willingly doing the bidding of, and purposely spreading confusion, controversy, and political dissension on behalf of, a cabal of powerful people in “our” government or in Congress itself, dissension that would keep various patriot groups “in suspense” and/or arguing among themselves?  That’s not beyond the realm of possibility.  The old adage, “Divide and Conquer” is as true today as it was in the distant past.

That leaves the possibility that the “Q” phenomenon was either a phony-baloney effort by internet “trolls” (see Part 2 of this series), OR it was an ACTUAL CONSPIRACY, of sorts, set  up by well meaning patriots as a means of sending out “assurances” that there were entities within the U.S. government who understood the dangers we are in and who were themselves involved with other patriots inside our government, the “drops” being used as a means of communicating nationwide with each other and with the “unwoke” American population, with “predictions” being made in expectations that they would come to pass mostly in the future.  THAT is the “Hopium” to which “Q’s” legions of loyal devotees subscribe to.  We’ll look at that possibility next time in Part 2.

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