Has “Q” Finally Been Identified?

Q 2020

Last time I discussed what has been called the “Q” Phenomenon, and I reviewed a brief history of a topic that has, or at least had, much of the country conjecturing about just who “Q” really was, and what were his/their motives.  We also opened the “sensitive” (to many “Q” fans) topic of how American patriots should define “Q”—considering that he (they) hasn’t posted any more drops since December 8, 2020, and considering the poor “track record” of the accuracy of all those posts.  So is “Q” a quack, a quisling, or are we dealing with “conspiracy theory”—OR a true conspiracy for good or ill-- OR an actual force for freedom in this rapidly disintegrating nation?  Making a call on this is fraught with many questions, more than a few suspicions of “Q’s” motivation, and a realization that a satisfactory explanation that will satisfy all my readers is well nigh impossible.  So let me give you my conjectures and a somewhat “educated opinion”.


Some of you may become upset that I have dared to question the motivations behind this “Q” phenomenon—i.e. these readers “know” beyond any shadow of a doubt that “Q” is a person (or persons) who was motivated only by the purest of patriotic intentions.  I’d like to believe that also, but there is that constant and growing seed of “doubt” in my mind that keeps nagging me that all is NOT what it seems to be in the world of “Q”.  And for purposes of complete transparency, that “seed of doubt” regarding “Q’s” true purposes is also shared by many if not most of my fellow members of The John Birch Society, and is pretty much the position of that long-established patriotic organization.  (More on that later).

I have no idea of how many of “Q’s” cryptic predictions failed to come to pass, but I’ll venture a guess that the majority—possibly ALL of them-- were “humbug”—wishful thinking designed to either encourage the faithful, or confuse them, or cause them to do nothing except “wait and see” what happens.  That this phenomenon might actually be a “conspiracy theory” designed to lead concerned patriots off on one or more “tangents”—to DISTRACT them from being effective in resisting the collectivist attacks launched by the enemies of our constitutional republic---cannot be lightly discounted.  As Steve Byas wrote in the New American magazine on August 18, 2018, “The problem with so many conspiracy theories is that it is clear that some are true or substantially correct, while others are devoid of hard evidence, or in some cases, totally fabricated.  Which ones are correct?  Perhaps the most serious difficulty in sorting out the wheat from the chaff when it comes to conspiracy theories is that it has been demonstrated that HIGH-RANKING GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ARE QUITE WILLING TO LIE ABOUT CERTAIN EVENTS.” (Emphasis mine-whl). 

They certainly are willing to lie to the American people, and those obfuscations are not limited to the scurvy members of the Klan of New Bolsheviks.  The “R” party has always had its share of liars, and still does!  Put not  your trust in politicians of whatever party, for far too many of them have sold their souls to the “devil” of Marxist collectivism and/or big money/big power bribes since the early decades of our republic.  The current gaggle of licentious liars in the District of Criminals and Corruption is no exception!  As we all know, power tends to corrupt the minds and souls of politicians, and the more power they accumulate the more corrupt they become.  That’s a sad fact of human history—the “sin nature” of mankind (and womankind) being cleverly implanted by “the Father of Lies” at the very beginning of our earthly story, and carefully cultivated by him ever since.  Our current “pseudo-president”, Joe Biden, and his family are disgusting examples of the very definition of corruption!

My constant problem with “Q” is the seemingly purposeful “vagueness” of his prognostications.  The majority of his “drops” appeared to contain, as “Q” himself told his faithful followers, “just crumbs” of predictions that were so cryptic that it was basically left up the readers to try to read “Q’s” mind and interpret his meaning.  And if the readers misinterpreted “Q’s” shadowy mysteries, it was their fault, not “Q’s”, leaving him blameless if his flock got it wrong.  Now it seems to me that if “Q” really wanted to expose a conspiracy or some particular governmental evil or plot and help all the rest of us to more clearly understand what he really meant, wouldn’t it be much better, less frustrating, and more apt to expose the truth and bring exposure to the bad guys, to be PERFECTLY CLEAR INSTEAD OF DELIBERATELY VAGUE?  I think so, but the “Q” faithful have answers for that,  as you might expect. 

Their “explanation” centers around the “facts” claimed by well known patriotic bloggers, that “Q” was telling us about what patriots and patriot groups within “our” government, especially our military,  have planned to accomplish currently but more importantly, for actions to be accomplished in the near future.  Everything that is happening, say “Q’s” faithful (including President Trump’s loss to Comrade Biden and his masters in the Deep State), was planned by President Trump and his allies in order to expose the depth of the conspirators’ takeover of the American government and much of our society, so the American people can be fully exposed and informed over the dangers posed by the collectivist enemies of freedom that, admittedly, HAVE pretty much captured control of the U.S. government and much of American society.  Once the enemy and their plans are exposed, we are assured, then American patriots under President Trump can once again resume the rebuilding of freedom in our nation.  And that is the effect of a lot of “HOPIUM” being pushed by those same patriotic bloggers.  Sad to say, but I fear this is “false HOPIUM” rather than a strong possibility.

It’s never popular, I suppose, to go negative on a “phenomenon” that is supported by so many American patriots.  Months before “Q’s” final drops, Mitchell Shaw wrote the following in the July 8, 2020 edition of the New American magazine, in an article titled:  Questioning QAnon:  “If the Deep State wanted to discredit and neutralize American patriots, could it have invented anything that would have been better designed for that purpose than “Q”?  One thing is obvious:  “Q” is not—as claimed—someone with access to classified information involving the battle between the Trump administration and its opponents in the liberal establishment and who is working to save America by sharing the truth.”

The New American magazine (perhaps the most accurate and truthful publication in the nation) and its parent organization, The John Birch Society (to which I’ve belonged since 1963) have been discussing and exposing the apparent deceptions emanating from “Q” long before December, 2020.  One thing I’ve learned about the JBS is the depth of its research and the accuracy of all of its educational information, ably aided by the great field work of a growing number of national coordinators and an army of JBS members.  JBS has strongly suggested that the “Q” phenomenon is (was) essentially a “PSY-OP” and is deliberate disinformation, a “tangent” designed by the Deep State to keep America’s constitutional patriots far from the real truth of how far down the road to national takeover and enslavement by that same Deep State that our nation has travelled.  (See “Updated Addendum” at the end of this article).

That family member I mentioned earlier, a “Q” “believer”, is still hanging on to what I consider a false hope that “Q” was a true patriot whose prognostications were essentially believable but which haven’t been brought to fruition yet.  My position, which is that of the JBS, may be unpopular to some, but facts are facts, and our liberties are being threatened today more than most Americans realize.  In our opinion, “Q” was a fraudulent entity designed to deceive and take the minds of patriots off of banding together and resisting the plans of the Deep State.  Mitchell Shaw, writing in the New American magazine of February 14, 2022, in his article titled The QAnon Phenomenon, wrote:  “It has taken others more than a year to catch up to The New American and the JBS, but now media are reporting that even former White House National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who was once reported to be an ardent supporter of QAnon—and who was recorded at a pro-“Q” conference in Dallas in May, 2021 saying a…coup ‘should happen here’—has recently said that he thinks “Q’s” drops were ‘total nonsense’ and likely ‘a disinformation campaign that the CIA created’. 

“These remarks were made in a phone call with attorney Lin Wood, who made the recorded call available to the media in November, 2021.  In the recording, Flynn can be heard on the call with Wood saying, ‘I think it’s a disinformation campaign that the CIA created.  That’s what I believe.  Now I don’t know that for a fact, but that’s what I think it is.’”  Essentially, what Michael Flynn does or does not believe is not the point, which is that Flynn’s remarks calling “Q” a “disinformation campaign that the CIA created” tells me that the JBS and the New American magazine were light years ahead of other media and patriot groups in exposing “Q”, in calling this  “nonsense and a possible Deep State disinformation campaign” before Michael Flynn concluded likewise.

My fellow patriots and faithful readers, let’s be honest:  “Q” was NEVER going to save our rapidly eroding constitutional freedoms and turn our nation away from the road to totalitarianism it has long been surreptitiously traveling along.  No, if we are to save our diminishing liberties WE must do it ourselves.  There are many fine and dedicated patriotic organizations in our nation whose members are effective in varying degrees.  We welcome their dedication and their patriotism in our mutual struggle to retain our freedom. Might I suggest, however, that “meeting, eating, and retreating” will NOT save us from the ravages planned for us by the collectivist monsters who have always despised the concept of “less government and more responsibility” on the part of our citizenry.  But I suggest that the most effective of those organizations is The John Birch Society, a band of patriots working for “Less Government—More Responsibility—And With God’s Help—a Better World”.  What JBS needs are lots more “pullers at the oars”—more faithful and DEDICATED Americans who have determined that this, our last, best hope of freedom for ourselves and our posterity “shall not perish from the earth”.  I invite you to JOIN US and start being one of those dedicated “oar pullers”.  To find out more, just log onto JBS.ORG or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Welcome to the battle!


I finished writing this article in early March, 2022.  To my great surprise, the March 28, 2022 issue of the New American magazine contained an unattributed article titled: Linguists Claim to Have Cracked “Q’s” Identity.  So let me quote from this very informative article, and judge for yourselves its accuracy:  “It appears as if “Q” has been unmasked.  According to two teams of Swiss and French researchers working independently, “Q” was actually two men—neither of who had any inside information.

“…(A)ccording  to two independent groups of computer scientists who independently used different approaches and machine-learning software to analyze “Q’s” roughly 5,000 drops, “Q” was two men: Paul Furber, a South African software developer; and Arizona congressional candidate Ron Watkins.  According to these researchers, Furber was the first to write under the pseudonym, though Watkins occasionally shared in that role.  Then, after “Q” switched over to Watkins’ father’s 8Chan message board, Watkins took over, becoming the only person posting as “Q”.

“As The New York Times reported February 19:  ‘The two teams of Swiss and French researchers used different methodologies to come to the same conclusion.  The Swiss…used software to break down “Q’s” missives into patterns of three-character sequences.  They then tracked how often those sequences repeated.  The French team, meanwhile, trained an “AI” to look for patterns in “Q’s” writing.  Both techniques broadly fall under an approach known as STYLOMETRY, that looks to analyze writing in a way that is measurable, consistent, and replicable.  To avoid the possibility of confusing their respective programs, the teams limited their analysis to social media posts.  Among all the other possible authors they put through the test, they say the writing of Furber and Watkins stood out the most for how similar it was to that of “Q’s”’.

“…With the French team able to identify ‘Furber’s writing in 98% of tests and Watkins’ in 99%,’ those teams are ‘confident in (their) identification’ of Furber and Watkins as “Q”.  According to these researchers, “Q” is not Trump or anyone associated with the Trump Administration.  In fact, if they are correct, “Q” was not (as claimed) a ‘top military insider’ with secret knowledge of the inner workings of Trump’s  epic battle against pedophile Satanists within the U.S. government.  IF THE RESEARCHERS ARE CORRECT, “Q” WAS TWO TROLLS USING THE INTERNET TO DO WHAT TROLLS DO.” (Emphasis mine-whl). 

So there you have what appears to be a “smoking gun” of truth, at least in my opinion.  Admittedly, I’ve always taken a very dim view of “Q’s” authenticity, and I’ve often said as much in previous articles here in the Times Examiner.  But you believe what you will.  As might have been expected, both Furber and Watkins have firmly stated that they are NOT “Q”.  As this article in TNA magazine concluded, and to which I ad an approving “Amen”, “Watkins has stated of “Q’s” posts, ‘There is probably more good stuff than bad.’  But as we have taken pains to point out in previous articles in this magazine, that is simply not so.  With nearly 5,000 cryptic posts spanning just over three years, “Q” drops ran the full range from the incredible to the ridiculous—AND THEY WERE ALL FALSE.  Not one thing “Q” predicted ever came to pass.  And even the claims of things that were supposedly taking place in the present were bogus. But even with all of that, some true believers have held on for dear life, with a faith that mirrors religious conviction.” 

And as someone once accurately observed: “AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH?”

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