There are disturbing indications that the Obama Administration plans to retain perpetual power by stealing future elections. Whether their plans can and will be successful or disrupted depends entirely upon the extent that the American people remain vigilant and their determination to sacrificially do whatever is necessary to assure that we have free and honest elections in order to remain free.

If Democrat members of Congress were convinced that there would be free and honest elections in November 2010, there is no way that many of them would risk their political future by voting for the Obama-care medical takeover. They would be swept out of office by a backlash vote against this reckless, dictatorial measure.

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Those who are anxious to seek government solutions to all of our problems need to be reminded that what the government has power to give it also has the power to take away. In recent years, it has become quite routine for elected officials to use the taxpayers’ money to buy the votes of both taxpayers and those who pay no taxes. Elected officials and bureaucrats are also empowered to terrorize citizens by threats or actually taking away promised government support. This practice has reached epidemic proportions and is on the verge of destroying trust of citizens in their government, collapsing our economic system and destroying the republic.

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Cultural Marxism is systematically stamping out vestiges of Western Civilization and the Free Enterprise System that has made the United States of America the envy of the world and provided the highest standard of living known to mankind for more than two centuries. The pace of destruction has accelerated in recent months and citizens are becoming fearful of losing their God-given freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

Many Americans view the economic chaos occurring in the United States in the past year since the inauguration of President Obama to result from inexperience or incompetence. Leftists and some African-American leaders view the mounting economic problems as resulting from lack of cooperation by Republicans and criticism by Conservatives. Tragically, those described above are victims of Cultural Marxism and fail to recognize that they have been duped. They are duped by those who know what they are doing and are following a carefully implemented plan.

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The announced death of Alexander “Al” Haig brought back many memories of a man who spent six decades of his life in service to his country. Haig was born in a suburb of Philadelphia, Dec. 2, 1924. As a boy he dreamed of a military career, received an appointment to the US Military Academy and graduated from West Point with the class of 1947. He served in combat in both Korea and Vietnam. As an Army Colonel he became a military advisor to Henry Kissinger in the Nixon Administration. President Nixon promoted Haig from 2 to 4 star general, breaking tradition and passing over 240 more senior officers. He served as Chief of Staff for Nixon during the Watergate Hearings and became the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO forces under President Ford. He resigned from that position when President Carter created the Iranian disaster and was later appointed Secretary of State by President Reagan. He resigned due to bickering within the Reagan Cabinet. George Shultz, his successor at State described Haig as “a patriot’s patriot. No matter how you sliced him, it came out red, white and blue.”

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