The TD Convention center filled quickly tonight, as more than 1000 invited guests, staff, friends and family gathered for Piedmont Women’s Center’s annual Banquet for Life 2012, “Righting the Wrong.” Lenna Fox Neill welcomed the crowd with her spontaneous enthusiasm and sparkling personality. She took the stage and grabbed the attention of everyone in the room with a simple statement, “We have saved 243 babies.” That simple remark underscored the complete purpose and mission for the Piedmont Women’s Center and the evening itself.


She vigorously stated that [abortion], “Not in my city, not in my state and not in my nation! We will end abortion!” She went on to say that, “We are committed to the sanctity of life, on a Biblical model,” and she asked, “Who wove the baby together in the womb?”  As CEO of Piedmont Women’s Center she is now in her 20th year and is ready “To run into the darkness! I want us to live a life so sturdy that you could start a movement,” she said.


She felt pleasure in talking about what is going on and “What God is doing. We are here to provide a new facility on Grove Rd., to stand in the gap for an unborn.” At this point in her presentation Ms. Neill paused and turned the program over to a nurse, who spoke to the crowd, unseen. On the screens throughout the hall, however, were pictures of “live” ultrasounds of babies in the womb. Needless to say the impact was immediate. Following that, Lenna introduced a short film about a young woman named Heather who was a client of the Center. She told a heart wrenching story of young pregnancy and how it all came about that without Piedmont Women’s Center, she would not be where she was today. At the end of the film, Lenna introduced Heather’s son to the crowd and he was very warmly greeted.

The keynote speaker for the evening, Dr. Bob Reccord, a noted ministry leader, author and radio host, was welcomed to the stage by Ms. Neill. A soft-spoken man, he began to speak with a factual tone. “There are a number of states that are defunding Planned Parenthood, “ he said. “In 1991 there were 2,176 free-standing abortion facilities, now in 2012 there are 660.” In rapid-fire succession he spoke about  Martin Niemoeller, a Lutheran pastor in Nazi Germany. He alluded to the fact that “Abortion has killed 38 times more people than the last 12 wars put together.”  Dr. Reccord went on to talk about the miracle of baby formation and cell construction within the human body. At one point he had everyone in the hall look at each other and say, “You look like a miracle to me!”

Dr. Reccord went on and spoke concerning ‘post-abortion syndrome.’ “There is a documented cancer risk for the women and they are 6 times more likely to commit suicide. There are multiple victims in an abortion: baby, mom, father and ALL of us. Over 34 years over 53 million babies have been killed. Over time we will face a deficit in the workforce.” He closed his speech with a personal anecdote about the adoption of a wretched souled child that had endured unimaginable horrors after birth and in early childhood, and how that child was adopted by a couple from Illinois and they rescued him. “That child was me.” The audience was shaken at that moment; he paused and went on. “Now, we understand that decisions affect direction which affects destiny!”

With four clinics in the upstate, Piedmont Women’s Center’s mission is to provide excellent medical information and services to women with pregnancy-related needs, in an environment that affirms their individual worth and celebrates life. Piedmont Women’s Center is an oasis of hope for women and families with pregnancy-related needs. Not only that, but they also provide abortion recovery programs, help and healing. Visit website at

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