Carol-Goldsmith---frontPopular Television Anchor, Carol Goldsmith, discussed her career in television before a group of retired military officers and spouses of the Military Officers Association of America at the Hilton in Greenville, Friday evening.

She was introduced by LaVerne Tremblay, a member of the board of directors of the Greenville MOAA Chapter, who discovered she had something in common with the veteran news anchor. The ancestors of both had lived on the north side of Chicago in the days of Al Capone and had moved their families to safety away from the criminal activity about the same time.

Carol experienced her first TV performance as a child reading The Night Before Christmas during a live TV special.

She grew up in Michigan and   began her career in television at a very small station where she anchored, produced, wrote script, edited film and operated the teleprompter with a pedal under the desk. In fact, she did just about everything at the station except operating the camera.

She demonstrated her delightful sense of humor telling stories of lessons learned in front of a camera when “you must keep talking” no matter what is happening.

She learned quickly to respect areas taped off by police when she ignored a yellow tape to get a closer look at a chemical spill and was retrieved by a fireman when her “shoes caught fire.”

She came to WYFF Ch. 4 in Greenville in 1985 and found a home. She married Scott Goldsmith, a hometown boy with deep southern roots; Scott is also an award winning artist who taught art at the college and university level. They have two teen-age children. Their son is a junior in high school in the Greenville County School District’s Fine Arts Center and their daughter is a junior at Clemson University where she is following in the media communications footsteps of her very successful mother.

Carol Goldsmith has won many top awards for her reporting at WYFF and has consistently remained a highly respected and popular television personality in Upstate South Carolina and beyond.

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