Billy and Debi Bush pleaded with the Greenville County Legislative Delegation Monday night to help them continue to have a successful business on Poinsett Highway.

The current plans for beautification of the Poinsett Highway would construct an 8 foot sidewalk within 2 feet of the entrance of their business. Their customers, many of whom are elderly, would have to walk as much as 100 yards from parking to their florist business.

The project is a partnership between the State and Greenville County and also involves a federal grant. Debi Bush said many meetings have been held, and every time they meet changes are made.

Rep. Mike Burns said he and Rep. Dwight Loftis will work with the businesses to seek satisfactory solutions. Rep. Chandra Dillard announced that she represents a neighborhood that has an interest in the project also.

It appeared that the real problem is a conflict between the interests of businesses and the desires of a neighborhood for more space to walk and ride bicycles. Each group present their desires to the planners and they are not in agreement because they have competing interests. As a result the plans get more complicated and confusing.

A meeting between lawmakers and businesses may help to get the project back on track and at some point entertain the concerns of the adjoining community.


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Mike Scruggs