Do You Know the Answers to These Questions?

1. What is zoning?
2. Can I run a business from my home?
3. Do I need a business license?
4. Why do I need a permit?
5. How can I report suspicious activity?
6. What can I do about stray animals?
7. What is code enforcement?
8. How do I register a complaint?
Do you want to know the answers to these questions?
Greenville County has agreed to come out and visit with citizens to answer any questions they have.  They want to help promote a clean and safe environment for all.  Code Compliance, Animal Control, Sanitation, Litter, Soil and Water, and the Library will set up tables and meet people in the community in order to answer questions about county services.
Where:     Westside Public Services Fair
Date:        Saturday, June 29, 2019
Time:        11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Location:  Greenville County Westside Aquatic Complex
                  2700 West Blue Ridge Drive
Food trucks  and children's activities are available as well as interpretation services.

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