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While the cost of goods and services continue to rise, North Greenville University (NGU) is making it easier for adult learners to complete their degree, earn a second degree, or pursue skills needed for a new career path during these trying times.

Inflation is causing consumers to pull back spending on some items as they look to cut expenses. This shift will have significant consequences for the next phase of America's recovery from the pandemic. 

This fall, NGU will offer some relief for families by reducing online tuition costs from $450 to $395 per credit hour in all online bachelor's degree programs.

"People shouldn't be priced out from opportunity," said Michael White, vice president for enrollment and marketing/communications. "Accessible education allows people to better their lives, their station, and their future. Lowering tuition keeps with NGU's mission to help equip transformational leaders for church and society in the face of these challenging times."

With over 4.7 million employees working remotely, learning online helps prepare professionals for this shift toward online work. Earning an online degree can help prepare you for career advancement and demonstrate critical skills to potential employers.

Some of the top benefits of online learning are added flexibility and self-paced learning, better time management, self-motivation, improved virtual communication and collaboration, a broader global perspective, refined critical thinking skills, and new technical skills.

NGU offers online degree programs in business and leadership, Christian studies, criminal justice, cybersecurity, elementary education, early childhood, general studies, and psychology.

The programs have been recognized for quality by national publications, including Christwin, Online Studying Services, Intelligent, and U.S. News & World Report.

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