It goes against the conventional Washington and progressive wisdom that Donald Trump is a racist who hates hispanics, but I think the President should prove the media and Democrats wrong on this. Just consider one bit from this Politico story.

Democrats, already alarmed that Trump’s inroads with Venezuelans could help him peel off an otherwise-reliable Democratic voting bloc in a toss-up state, were quick to denounce Sanders’ comments.

Democrats have long presumed the President was incapable of attracting hispanic voters to his coalition and now they are worried that he is doing it. They should be worried and the GOP should proceed.

Fundamentally, many Hispanic voters recognize they have fled failing socialist regimes and they do not want the United States to become like the places they fled. Additionally, Hispanic voters tend to be religious and socially conservative. Their values tend to align with Republicans.

Unfortunately, they are convinced the GOP wants to deport their grandmother and the moderate GOP establishment does a great job of talking down to hispanic voters instead of talking with hispanic voters.

The President does not have to run from his wall. Legal immigrants understand border security. They also understand freedom, individual liberty, and the desire to make an honest living. They don’t want socialism, but they don’t want crony capitalism. They want the ability to compete on a fair and level playing field.

President Trump can offer them that and make sure they understand the Democrats do not align with their values. He needs to do this. Republicans need to stop talking down to Hispanic voters and they need to stop treating them as solidly Democrat in the age of Trump.

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Mike Scruggs