(Reprinted from Conservative Business Jornal.Com, published Aug. 2, 2020, by John Di Lemme).

Rewind to April 25, 2019, when former Vice President Joe Biden announced  his candidacy for the 2020 Presidential election.  His proclamation surprised few, and he was immediately declared the Democratic front-runner.

Even with this early boost, most people predicted that his age and close ties to the establishment would send his campaign to a premature death, similar to Jeb Bush’s demise in 2016.  As time progressed, these suspicions were confirmed, as Biden unquestionably performed poorly in debates, had little turnout at his rallies, and dismal results in the early primaries.

Racist statements made by Biden such as, “Poor kids are just as bright and as smart as white kids”, and “If you don’t know whether to vote for me or Trump, then you ain’t black”, would have ended anyone’s political career, but Biden was immune.

The Biden campaign survived longer than most expected.  In fact, he is now running against President Donald Trump to take his seat in the Oval Office.  Biden’s virtually omnipotent allies, including the Media, Establishment, China, and wealthy billionaires, essentially handed him the Democratic nomination.

Joe Biden, a seventy-seven-year-old man, who most of the time has no idea what state he is in, can hardly speak publicly without making some atrocious statement and creepily sniffs young children, is seemingly the embodiment of a losing candidate.  However, do not be fooled.  He is

undeniably being controlled by larger forces; a geriatric puppet whose strings are being pulled by America’s wealthy, China and the radical left.  It is remarkable that during such a divisive election cycle, Republicans and Democrats can agree on one thing:  If elected, Joe Biden will be a mere figurehead for the Radical Left.

Most Democrats dislike Joe Biden just as much as Republicans do, but they know that the far-left people he will surround himself with will be calling the shots.  Does Joe Biden know that he is leading the most progressive policy agenda in the history of our country?  Probably not.

As far as most people can tell, Joe Biden’s daily tasks are given to him by his campaign staff.  Travel here.  Give this speech.  Read this teleprompter.  Answer these questions.  Stand.   Sit.  Roll-over.

If he does as he is told he will be elevated to the highest office in the land, and without a doubt his family will benefit from it as well.  His son, Hunter Biden, already benefited tremendously from his father’s time as Vice President.

The message for Republicans is this:  Do not underestimate Joe Biden!  As ridiculous of a candidate as he may seem, he has powerful friends.  One could surmise that Biden’s allies have orchestrated the debacles that have plagued 2020, including the impeachment, the coronavirus  pandemic, and a race war, in order to give him the upper hand in the election.  However, one thing is certain:  A President Joe Biden will forever change America in accordance with a far-left agenda.


Callahan Burton is a 17-year-old high school student who is currently studying business and pre-law as The King’s Academy in West Palm Beach, Florida.  He is the President of his class and a member of the Mock Trial Team.  He has a passion for politics and advocating for constitutional liberties and conservative ideals.  Callahan is constantly fishing, hunting, and spending time outdoors.  He plans to study political science in college to further pursue his aspirations of a political career.  Submitted by John Di Lemme. 

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