Why was “under God” added to our pledge in 1954? Do we not have the same anti-God societal conditions in 2021? Do we not have a system that is attacking us from within? Do we not have a pervasive government and secular presence (anti-God) on our shores?

Here is what the Congressional Committee said on this issue…

“At this moment of our history the principles underlying our American Government and the America way of life are under attack by a system whose philosophy is at direct odds with our own. Our American Government is founded on the concept of the individuality and the dignity of the human being. Underlying this concept is the belief that the human person is important because he was created by God and endowed by Him with certain inalienable rights which no civil authority may usurp. The inclusion of God in our pledge…would serve to deny the atheistic and materialistic concepts of communism with its attendant subservience of the individual.”

Have we not replaced the enemy of God without (communism), with the enemy of God from within (socialism/secularism), reaching the same conclusion/end? And while communism and socialism/secularism may not be the exact same type of political ideology, they most certainly are from the same kind (anti-God). Isn’t it simply a matter of degree?


  1. Liberalism
  2. Progressivism
  3. Socialism (our American feet are planted on this rung, lifting our foot toward the next level- they will not stop)
  4. Communism/Marxism
  5. Totalitarianism

Darwinism, the Social Gospel, and Secular Humanism have all worked hand in hand leading America toward a Socialist and anti-God orientation. The crowning achievement in each of these realms "places" mankind front and center and glorifies their evil machinations. Thus, espousing a Godless understanding of our existence here on Earth. Is this not a Theosophist political criterion? i.e., a version of our politics where the mysticism of nature (for example- Green New Deal) and its evolutionary traits overshadows a commitment to the moral law of God.

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