What do DrewMcKissick’s NEWSMAX article and outgoing GCGOP Chairman Nate Leupp’s  “MESSAGE FROM CHAIRMAN LEUPP” have in common? Thereis not one mention of the Creator, Sustainer, and Governor of the nations. Botharticles are filled with self-adulation and self-promotion. There is not even aceremonial “Deus ex machina.” Jesus Christ our Lord and God Almighty are not evenmentioned. In my opinion, that is NOT the type of leadership that we need in Greenville(District 4) or in South Carolina.  

For example,Nate Leupp uses the word “I” nineteen times, the word “me”  five times, and the word “my” three times. Itwas simply a self-promoting eulogy of what he thinks he accomplished in localpolitics, couched against the realization and imminent likelihood of a conservativePATRIOT takeover in the GCGOP because of his mismanagement and misaligned politicalideology!

Let there beno question as to the intent of either of these articles. They both were aimedat promoting themselves at the expense of the Republican Party platform.There was not one mention of the principles contained within the platformitself. Not one. As a matter of fact, instead of discussing party platformissues, McKissick makes sure that he keys in on the enthusiasm and emotionthat he feels is driving the “so-called” Republican victories. That is right,it is all about the methods of winning (enthusiasm and emotion) comparedto pointing people to the foundational elements and principles found in theRepublican Party platform itself. As a conservative Republican, I truly feel thatI am living in some kind of alternate reality.

When youcompare and contrast their respective approaches above to the speech that LinWood just gave on Tuesday night, there is absolutely no comparison. With LinWood I sensed an attitude of repentance and self-acknowledgement that he hasnot been a perfect individual, but desires to take South Carolina in a moreconservative direction. Lin Wood was very comfortable talking about God as thesource of his inspiration. He was very open and expressive about the role thata Sovereign Lord plays in the body politic here in South Carolina.

By the way,he also wants to take the party AWAY FROM the clutches of Senator LindseyGraham!

Thepolitical and ideological fight going on right now within the Republican Partyreminds me of a verse in Acts 6:14. The ruling elite were very “put out” withStephen because he was preaching a message that “would change the customs whichMoses delivered us.” That is exactly what is transpiring right now across the SouthCarolina Republican Party. There is a conservative PATRIOT movement that istrying to change the customs and traditions of the Republican ESTABLISHMENTaway from a secular version of our politics and toward a more righteous and Godmanifested approach.

For whateverreason, the ESTABLISHMENT Republicans have bought into the Separation of Churchand State sham. That is right, based on the lack of acknowledgement of aCreator God in their communications and espousals and in the execution phase oftheir politics, there is an obvious intent to leave out the Savior of the worldin their South Carolina “politicking.”

Myencouragement would be to quit you like men/women, stand in the gaps, redeemthe times, occupy till he comes, be the salt and light necessary (preservingagents), and shout from the rooftops that we are free to exercise our religiousbeliefs in private and in public forums i.e., the political domain.

Enough withplaying in the secular humanist (anti-God) version of our politics. We are in aspiritual warfare and abiding by and catering to the standards of a secularpolitical arena will do NOTHING to move our State and Country forward. Please,do not hide behind custom and tradition. Many of our Republican leaders (notall) have been sucked into the vortex of a secular style of politics that isnot very becoming. As a result, the only escape hatch available to them is oneof self-adulation and self-promotion when claiming victory. It will completelyand utterly destroy the United States of America.

The solutionis a spiritual one. The solution is to stand tall and let the world know thatJesus Christ is Lord. The answer is to acknowledge that our Founders did NOT believein a national religion, but rather, that EVERYONE has the freedom to exercisetheir religious beliefs in private and in their civic capacities. We MUST neverlet the secularists paint us inside the 4 walls of a church building. When westop expressing our Lord and Savior in our political communications, we stopadvocating for the vision that our Founders fought for. 

In conclusion,we are in a fight for the political orthodoxy found in the principles of theRepublican Party Platform. We can never let these principles be put on theshelf and allow a “tepid and civic version of our faith” (Antonin Scalia) dominateour culture. If we do, we promote a secular humanist version of our politics (ideation,creation, and execution) that plays right into the hands of the “subtle one.”   

God bless the beautiful, conservative, and patriotic State of South Carolina!  

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