Osama Bin Laden is a little behind on his global warming rant against the U.S.A., isn’t he? I guess he’s been in his cave too long and hasn’t heard that the whole global warming thing was a hoax. That the so-called scientists in England and the U.S.A. made up all the numbers they were using in their computer models. They were all rigged to read in their favor. Osama Bin Laden, it’s a hoax, the whole thing is a made up hoax. They made it it all up. Al Gore was worth 3 million before he started this hoax now he’s worth 93 million. Follow the money, folks. He’s invested in this hoax and he’s ripping everybody off. Barney Madoff just thought he had a good scam going. Look at the mess Al Gore pulled off. And we still have people in this country pushing the hoax even after it’s been proved and exposed as a made-up hoax. There is no global warming, folks. It’s a hoax, it was all made up. Did you see or hear Osama Bin Laden’s rant? He sounds just like a Democrat. He’s using their very same words.
Sure there are some Republicans still pushing this hoax, also.
They keep harping about the polar bears. They have increased 500% in the past ten years. The temperature has actually gone down in those same ten years. The oceans aren’t rising like Al Gore says either. He says the polar ice is melting and the sea levels are going to rise 25 to 30 feet. Not so and I can prove it with a 6th grade science experiment. Let’s say the polar ice does melt, which it is not, the oceans will not rise, not one inch, not a half inch, none, nada! Try my 6th grade experiment for yourself. Fill a water glass all the way to the top with ice. Then fill the glass all the way to the rim with water. According to Al Gore and his egghead science the glass will run over when the ice melts. It won’t, try it!
Therefore the sea ice melting if it does will not raise the sea levels. But the sea ice isn’t melting either or not anymore than it does normally. The environmental whackos sent a team to the Artic to prove the ice was indeed melting. It was so cold they couldn’t perform their test and had to be rescued.
Remember the environmental whacko who was studying the sad state of the polar bears a couple of years ago? He would walk right up to them taking pictures and even petting them on the head. That worked till one ate him and his girlfriend. The only thing that upset me about that story was that the government sent wildlife people to find and kill the bear. The bear was only being a bear and doing what bears do. They should not have killed it. People are supposed to have brains but some don’t use them. How many of you are smart enough not to walk up to a polar bear to pet it? Polar bears are known man-eaters! I wouldn’t pet one in a zoo much less in the wild. How dumb can you be? And why punish the bear for being a bear for Pete’s sake.
A couple more things and I’ll hush for awhile, but I’ll be back.
Remember all the hoopla about the deforesting of the Rain Forest. Well, they just found out that was a hoax too! It was stopped 20 years ago.
Remember the Himalaya Mountain ice melt that was going on just recently, well, that was a hoax too!
One person wrote a thesis for college on the ice melt in the Himalaya Mountains. No study, no test, one college kid with a skull full of mush started this hoax.

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