1. Allan may not be a great public speaker BUT...he has something his opponent doesn’t, He has children and grandchildren. He wants a bright future for all children as well as the citizens of Pickens County. 

2. Allan is NOT self-serving or seeking to climb the ladder by going along to get along with socialist minded ideology. 

3. He sees the direction we are headed in our country and knows Trump’s MAGA is indeed needed. 

4. He will let his vote in Columbia speak for God... Family... and Country and conservatism.

5.  He wants Pickens County to have good paying jobs  and will ACTIVELY try his best to bring them into our county.

6. He has signed the United States Parents Involved in Education Pledge to work towards returning parental and local control back to our tax supported public schools.

7.  He will not push for a Data Mining Warehouse for children age birth through workforce.

8.  He understand “Americans First” and respects the rule of law.

9.  He understands your 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. 

10. He is an honorable Veteran and COMPLETELY understands his duty to America and Freedom and swore an oath to protect us from foreign and domestic enemies.

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